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New blog! Yay!

Hi sweethearts! STYLINGLIKESTEPH is online!!

I've made my own new blog! To those of you that don't know anything about me: I'm Stéphanie and I'm a crazy hairbraiding-person :).

I love creating hairstyles and decided a couple of years ago to create my own instagram account. Since it became bigger and bigger, I wanted to have a blog here it is!

On my instagram page (and also my facebook page for those of you who don't have an instagram), I upload daily pictures of hairstyles that I've created. In my pics, you'll see that I love to travel. I want to use this blog, to share more of my travel-pics and also some behind the scenes footage of photoshoots that I did.

All my pics are taken by me with my Nikon 5100 (ok not entirely all, 'cause some selfies need extra hands, right! But then I'll fix the settings of my camera and pass it to one of my sisters or my mom).

Enjoy my page and feel free to check out my social media! (youtube still to come)

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