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First PR event at Flâneur- Global Image PR

Hi sweethearts!

This blogpost is about my first press- experience. On Wednesday november 16th, I was invited by Global Image PR Antwerp for a “pasta meeting” at Flâneur Antwerp. This was my very first experience in the pr-world and I must tell you this: I felt so starstruck haha! I met some pretty cool Belgian bloggers and youtubers. I totally felt out of my comfort zone and didn’t really know how to act. But hey, it was only my first time.

The meeting was at the opening of the new “pasta-only” restaurant in Antwerp. I had the veggie pasta, because I’m a vegetarian, with a coke (I could’ve tried their signature gin but I don’t drink any alcohol :) ). The pasta had so much flavor and tasted super healthy and fresh! I’m already going back there tomorrow. Yay!

A little story about this restaurant: I saw it on Elle België and directly texted my boyfriend that we totally should check the restaurant out one day (we’re both total pasta-lovers, hehe!). This Friday, he had planned a special date for me, not knowing that I was invited to this event because it was kinda last-minute… When I texted him that I was invited for this press event at restaurant “Flâneur” he was a bit upset ‘cause he wanted to take me there for our date-night. Whoops spoiler! So yes, I guess I tried the pasta-restaurant before him, sorry Boo!

I went to the event with my mother. I wanted to take one of my sisters but they were both busy that time…So I took my mother to do something back for her. She had always supported “Steephshairstyles” (my username before stylinglikesteph) so much and even conviced me to go blogging. I never thought of blogging because I’m pretty timide and I don’t like trying new things out. Now that I started blogging, I already know that I’m going to post a lot ‘cause it’s so much fun!

So this was my first experience with PR-events. I will make sure to attend more of these eventes ‘cause I really like dit. Thanks again to Global Image for the invitation and thanks to Flâneur fort he great lunch!

A bit more info about the pictures: The first pic was at the event...and the second pic was my hair before the event (I had to walk through some terrible Belgian-autumn weather haha)

Greeting, Steph x

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