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How to make forever lasting curls! #mysecrets

Hi sweethearts,

This blogpost is all about curls. I’ve tried all the tips and tricks that I could find on the internet and I selected for you the ones that have worked out for me.

For a festival I styled my sister last year. It rained non stop all day and my sister partied hard with the hairstyle. The day after, she still had curls! (here's the link to the hairstyle)

1) DO NOT wash your hair. The natural oils of your hair, will give the hair some extra natural texture. Dirty hair is easier to work with (yes, ballerina- tip).

2) ALWAYS use a heat protectant spray. You don’t want to damage your hair. This will give splitted ends and will take away your natural “glow”. Shiny hair forever! The one that me and my sisters really love is the pink bottle from L’ Oreal: studio line hot & lisse.

3) Curl your hair. Always curl your hair roots first, then curl your hair ends. Your ends will curl way faster so it’s really not necessary to extra- damage them.

4) After curling your hair, you need to COOL the curl down. I wrap the curl around my finger and pin it up with bobbypins or hairclips. Your curl will last super long if you take the time to let your hair cool off.

5) If you’re in a hurry, you can always use your BLOWDRYER to help you out a bit. The cool- setting of your blowdryer is a great tool to let your curls cool down. I tried it on my friend and it really helped!

6) Hairspray. I loooove using hairspray haha! I spray the hair right before I take the bobbypins out. Then I style the curls with my fingers so that each curl looks pretty. When I’m satisfied with the final look, I like to use some spraywax. Spraywax gives the hair a softer touch. Your hair is less “stiff” and more shiny, I think.

Another cheat trick: If you’re going for the BEACHY hair- look, use seasalt spray. And by seasalt spray, I mean actual seasalt! Each time I go to the sea on holidays, I bring and old bottle of sunscreen or whatever with me, to fill it with some fresh sea water. I just spray the water on my hair and it gives a more beachy look. This is actually my very BEST trick for your guys! (but make sure that you refill the water often enough... because it can get really gross)

7) My final tip: If you’re back from the party with your pretty hair, NEVER go to sleep with some leftover hairspray in your hair. Oh my, I did this a couple of times before and it totally ruined my hair. I got so many tangles and the shine of my hair was gone for days. :( Go hairmasks!!

And if all these tips don't work out for you, like on my own hair sometimes... Maybe you should try out NO-heat curls! The sad thing about all these tips, is that they work out perfectly for all my models...but sadly enough I have super stubborn hair and curls with my curling iron just won't work out! Hilarious actually, because sometimes suddenly my hair decides to keep the curls and then I'm crazy surprised of course.

But: when I create heatless curls, these tips have really helped me a lot! So maybe my hair isn't really friends with curling irons.

Thanks for reading!

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