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GrandEleganza runway show!

Hi sweethearts!

Last Friday I styled some models for the GrandEleganza runway. I thought it would be fun to blog about my experience! So if you're ready for some major runway-styles, continue reading!

Grandeleganza is an online store for shoes for ladies who have large feet. Charlotte, the founder has pretty large feet herself but really loves fashion. Because she struggled with finding pretty shoes for herself in her size, she decided it was time to do something about her problem…That’s when the store was created! Now, after having the store for a couple of months, she also opened a pop-up store in Antwerp. So for all the ladies who have large feet but want to have pretty shoes: make sure to check her webshop or pop-up store out!

For the show, I styled 3 ladies. Charlotte wanted some BIG and messy hairstyles so that’s what she got (read: a lot of teasing and hairspray going on!!).

I gave one lady a big poufy frenchtwist, another lady a chignon with a dutchbraid and the last model an “Elsa” pullthroughbraid. I also styled Charlotte, she got a waterfallbraid into a lacebraid. You can spot all the hairstyles in the photos below.

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Info: Charlotte Deridder, GrandEleganza Belgium, Popup-store Antwerp: Kronenburgstraat 90

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