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Birthday haul!

Hi sweethearts!

Last week on december first it was my birthday and I got some amazing presents from my family. From my sister I got a couple of pretty hairjewelry from Claire’s so I thought it would be fun to try them all on!

So get ready for a birthday-presents haul :)

Carolien and I enjoy watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. In an episode of last season, I saw that Kim had some super cool hairrings in her braids and I wanted to have them too. Carolien remembered this and got them for my birthday!

For the first hairstyle I wore these hairrings with a “mermaid” frenchbraid. A mermaidbraid is a regular frenchbraid, but you only add hair in from the front… So that it creates the effect of a braid laying over your hair.

For the second style I tried on a hair chain. You hang the rings of it on your braid. I found it pretty hard to actually hang the chain in my hair, ‘cause you hang the chain at the back of your head and you don’t really see what you’re doing. But the effect is just stunning, in my opinion.

For the third style I got a “bun bracelet”. So I just had to make a bun, right?! I added a small fourstrand braid, for a nice twist on the style.

The last accessory that I got were some hair rings as well, but some of them have diamonds in them. Yay, so pretty! I made just a big braid to try on with the rings… But they look super cool with cornrows as well.

Thanks to my family for all the great gifts I got and thank you for reading this post!


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