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Last minute holiday hairstyles!

Hi sweethearts!

Sorry it took me so long to blog, but I was busy with a couple of youtube projects!

I selected a couple of hairstyles that you can wear for the holidays. Some of them are super easy, some of them are...not so easy :D

The first style is a style from one of those youtube projects. I gave Manou Cohen a pullthrough braid (with elasticbands). Once you get the hang of it, this braid is pretty easy to reacreate!


The next style on Manou is a "mermaid braid". I think someone started to use this name, 'cause it looks like a mermaid-tail? It's actually a regular frenchbraid but you don't add all the hair in for the "french" part. You only use the babyhairs in the front.

For both of these styles, I did a tutorial on Manou's channel, but it's Flemish-spoken :).


The next style is a cute 2 minute chignon on Manou's sister Romy. She has pretty thin hair so I used the pancake technique (where you pull apart the braid to make it bigger). For the bun I just made a regular braid, pancaked it and then simply made a bun out of it. It's great for those of you who like more sophisticated updo's for the holidays but don't have enough time for them!


This style is also a chignon. It took me 2 minutes to create it. I made a pullthrough ponytail and then rolled it up into a bun. On this youtube-link, Sweethearts hair design created the same chignon but a bit fancier.


The last style is a style on my sister. She found a tutorial for this somewhere on pinterest and wanted me to recreate it. You first make 2 messy regular braids on both sides of your head. Then you create a messy bun and just wrap the braids around the bun. It's as easy as that!

So this was my post about some cute holiday braids and updo's. I hope you've liked my hairstyles! Thank you so much for reading this post!


I wish you so much happiness and warmth!

Love, Steph

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