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Travel braids at the Côte d'Azur

Hi Sweethearts!

Last week I went to the Côte d'Azur with my family to celebrate the holidays. We stayed at a hotel/appartment in Sainte Maxime.

Here's a collage of all the braids I did during the week. I styled myself and my sister (the one with the darker hair).

On this post, I wanted to share some more information about the places that we visited there so I'll share with you some non-braidfies also :)


On day 1, on our way to our appartment, we visited the cute town called "Les Baux de Provence". It's one of the prettiest towns in the entire France! From there, you can spot the Mont Ventoux and the Provence... and when you're lucky you can see the sea!


On the second day We went to the beach first. After the beach we went to Saint-Tropez for some Christmas feeling. I even went ice skating on the "Place des Lices", the central place where they play the "jeux de boules" during the summer (but actually the weather is so nice there, that the locals play it every day of the year).

OH YEAH, from Saint-Tropez you can see the snowy alpes! What a perfect sunset! As I always say, sunsets are ALWAYS better in Saint-Tropez!


On day 3 we went to Cap d'Antibes. Antibes is also a cute town but we didn't go there this time. We took the stunning hike called "Cap d'Antibes: Sentier des douaniers". From Antibes, you can see the alpes! How pretty is that? The hike itself is not that long and pretty easy to do. For the tricky rocks, they made stairs to walk on so no shoes ruined! Here you can find some more info about the hike: After Antibes, we went to Nice, where they have a huge Christmas market!


Day 4: A lovely relaxing day on the beach! Look all that blue! Can you tell that blue is my favorite color?


During the fifth day, we also went to the beach. Our dog Romeo loves to play football on the beach. I must say, he's super good at "heads!


On day six we went to the beach in the morning but it was a bit chilly and windy so we decided to go to "Bormes les Mimosas" in the afternoon. Here's the webside of the town.

After going to Bormes, the wind was so strong that I just had to go back to the beach to take some shots. Ofcourse, I played a bit with long exposure.


Day 7, the last day already. In the morning we went to the beach and in the afternoon we went to Port Grimaud. We enjoyed the last couple of hours in the sun and then took a walk through the town. Port Grimaud is a small town with pretty colored houses. It's a bit like Venice, you don't have much streets, you have canals. In the summer you can rent a boat to visit it. So much fun! But be careful, I once hit a bridge with my "amazing" steering skills haha!

For Grimaud, I don't have any pictures 'cause we already went there a billiion times. You guys have to discover it yourself!

So this was my blogpost about my first vacation during the holidays. Can't wait to go skiing tomorrow!

Wishing you all a happy 2017.

LOTS of love, happiness and travelling!

Greetings, Steph

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