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Travel braids for skiing

Hi sweethearts!

Today a blogpost about my trip to the Alps. I went skiing in Chatel- Les Portes Du Soleil with my sister last week.

Of course I did some travel-braids but I also took a few other pics. Normally I use my Nikon camera but for this trip I didn't bring my big camera with me. It's not comfy to ski with a big camera, obviously :)

The first day, there was litarally NO snow. Even less snow than on our last easter-vacation at the beginning of april 2016. On this pic, you can see the fake snow from the snowmachines!


The third day we finally had fresh snow! YAY! We were total snowmans but it was awesome!


The fourth day we finally had the chance to ski on some decent slopes. YAY!

(View on Switzerland from France)

For our last tanning-session, we stopped at a local café. They served hot apple juice with cinnamon and herbs. It was SO good! Normally I'm not a fan of apple juice but this drink was so yummie, I'd order a second one (if I'd have more money).


Here's a bit more information about our staying: We rented an appartment at Nemea- Le Grand Lodge. The appartments have wifi (in the lobby) and a sauna/hot tub/ pool. There's nothing better than a sauna after a frozen day of skiing! Let me tell you!

You can find it on as well.

At Les Portes du soleil, you ski in France AND Switserland. You can travel, while skiing, how cool is that. The only sad thing about this for us is: In Belgium we pay 2 eurocents/ text from France, and in Switzerland it's 70?! What! So make sure that you check your phone network before you decide to send a text message.


Thank you so much for reading this post. Now I'm back to reality, back to work and school.

x Steph

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