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Braided updo's against tangles

Hi sweethearts!

Back with a blog.Today I'm talking about updo's and why they are SO awesome for the wintertime.

During the winter, I've had multiple colds yet. I try to live super healthy but my body just won't accept it I I still get ill easily. When I have a cold, I like to wear scarfs to keep my neck warm. Anyone who had the same problem: you wear your hair down and it gets super tangled from getting stuck inside the scarf? Well, here's my number one trick: DON'T wear your hair down :)

That's why I came up with a couple of braided updo's that you can wear with scarfs. Plus a great bonus: when I'm ill, my hair tend to be super flat and non-shiny. It just loses it's glow and I feel more ugly. So when I'm wearing a pretty hairstyle, instead of just ugly flat hair, I can get my confidence back.

Then: How to prevent tangles, even when you're hair is up?

1) Use a good conditioner: against the frizz and to keep your hair healthy.

2) Tuck you hair inside your jacket, before you wrap the scarf around your neck. The more your hair is tight together, the less hair that can get tangled.

3) During the winter your hair will need some extra care (the cold is not your hairs bestie!). I like to use a hairmask every week or even two times a week.

4) Before your leave the house, make sure that you use some hairoil for daily use. Your hair will love the extra oils during these humid and cold days.

Then on to the hairstyles!


Thanks for reading this post and looking at my pics!

I currently have a terrible cold so I hope that you guys can stay healthy!

X. Steph

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