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Half-up hairstyle ideas

Hi sweethearts!

Today a blogpost about cute half up- half down hairstyles. Since last year, half up hairstyles are really THE trend so I thought it would be a great idea to try some styles out.

The first hairstyle is a flowerbraid made out of a fourstrand. More flowerbraids are on my previous blogpost!


Here are some lacebraids. You frenchbraid your braid, but you only add hair in from one side!

For this style, I used the same lacebraids, but wrapped them up into a bun.


Here I used the double waterfall technique. You create a waterfallbraid, but on both sides!

Isn't this braid super cool?


...And this is a regular waterfall braid.


This is a more boho-feeling hairstyle. You just take a strand of hair, twist it around and then pull the twist apart and pin it in place.


For this messy and cool style, I made 3 dutchbraids with some hair rings into a messy bun. I'm totally loving these rings! Thank you KimK for this idea :)

Same hairstyle, different look! I pancaked the braids to make them bigger and then I brushed over them, to give this messy 'straight out of the bed' look.

Thanks for looking at my hairstyles and reading this blog!

x Steph

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