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Crownbraids: 'cause we are queens

Hi sweethearts!

Today a blogpost about crownbraids. Crownbraids are braids all around your head. You start in the front of your head and braid all around your head untill you're back at the beginning.

I really love them, because they make me feel like a queen and I AM the queen haha! I'm still not sure if I'd actually walk out of the door with these hairstyles because they are a bit too much extravagant and I'm not an extravagant girl. I don't like to stand out too much, you know. But hey, maybe one day I'll be brave enough :)

The first crown is a BIG pancaked dutchbraid. If you pull out the ends of the braid, you'll get this big effect.


The second one is a big and messy dutchbraided crown. I think my sister looks like a Greek goddess here! So cool! Would you go out to a themed party with this hair?


For the third crownbraid I choose a pullthroughbraid with some curls to give an extra elegant look.


Crownbraid number four is made out of a ropetwist. For this braid you need to twist two strands of hair around each other. I think this braid looks so polished and neat and I love it!


The fifth crownbraid is a big frenchbraided crown. Just as with the dutchbraid, I pancaked the braid to make it look bigger. Here's the challenge to pancake it the right way. You only pull out the braid itself, not the "french-part", so the hair you've added in the braid.


Crown six: Here I tried to get creative and used the mermaid technique to braid. For a mermaidbraid, frenchbraid the hair but only add in the small "babyhairs" of your head.


Number seven! A "starburst" crownbraid with some curls. On youtube you'll find a lot of tutorials for this braid!


And here's the last crownbraid: A fishtail all around her head with some curls that I pinned up.


Thank you so much for looking at my hairstyles! I really enjoyed creating these crownbraids. I hope to got you all inspired to try some crownbraids out as well. Have a great week!

love, Steph x

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