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My trip to Neuschwanstein, GE

Hi guys!

I'm just back from Neuschwanstein, Germany! I took a lot of "braidfies" there but I also wanted to share with you guys my personal photos. I was there from mondaynight untill friday. We stayed at an apartment that we rented on called Hofwiese. It was located JUST underneath the Neuschwanstein castle. Guess you can imagine that it's pretty awesome to wake up with the view on the castle.

Enjoy my trip!


Day 1: Visiting the castles and hiking to the Marienbrücke (bridge).

The Hohenschwangau castle. Super gorgeous on the inside (but I couldn't take pics).

AHHHMAZING Neuschwanstein Castle of König Ludwig II von Bayern. I have no words to describe the beauty of the inside of the castle. Sadly enough, also no pics here... And it was a guided tour yuk, since there are just too many visitors each day. But it was one of my #lifegoals to go visit it and I'm super happy that I did!

I'm so brave..not! Working on those instastories! But hey, I got some gorgeous pics of the castle, right? The Marienbrücke is just 10 minutes away from the castle and from here you can get the most beautiful view on the Neuschwanstein castle and its wintery area.


Day 2: Visiting the other castle of Kind Ludwig the second and then the cosy town of Oberammergau. In the afternoon we went spa'ing at the "Royal King Ludwig spa" and then to Füssen.

On our way to the castle. I took this pic next to the road in Austria. Winter wonderland was an understatement.

Linderhof: The castle where he actually lived in because yeah, we all need houses just to look at, right!?

The castle itself is quite small, more like a huge villa but the inside is just crazy! Gold everywhere, it's so gorgeous.

Hihi go girl!

Oberammergau with its painted walls, pretty cool I think!

..and inside the pretty church of Füssen. I have this weird thing with churches. I'm not a religious person myself but churches are special to me. I think that they are important if they can bring peace. Also: I'm a total history-geek!


Day 3: Munich!

Munich is a great city for all. You can visit so many historial sites for the geeks like me, but you can also do some great shopping. We combined them both!

At noon, we watched the play/ glockenspiel at the townhall. The townhall was built in the 19th century and you can visit the tower of it (and so we did.. in the afternoon when it was a bit warmer).

From the tower, you can see all over Munich and the entire Bavarian area. In the back, you can even see the mountains. This is also where Neuschwanstein is located!

Some cute details in Munich!

Proof that we went shopping haha! Photoshoot time for instagram ofcourse.


Day 4: the last day! Marienbrücke again and the alps.

A view that never gets old!

In the afternoon we went to the "Tegelbergbahn". Here you can spot the photobombing birds!

At the Tegelberg, you have the coolest view on the mountains behind the castles (and Austria). The mountains are around 2000-2500 meters high, so in the summer you probably won't see any snow. But in the winter, the view is so pretty.

Voila, this was my trip to Germany. Hope you guys liked my pictures. I used my Nikon D5100, in case you were wondering what camera that I use for most of my pics.

Thanks for watching, see you next time!

x Steph

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