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The bananabun trend

Hi guys!

In today's blogpost it's all about the bananabun trend. I guess it came from Paris fashion week, since people have called the style "Parisian"?

I discovered the bananabun from our Belgian magazines (Elle and Feeling) and Jani Kazaltsis (a famous Belgian stylist).

I looked the bun up and I saw some different interpretations on it... it's actually just a low messy bun but people call the "frenchtwist" also a bananabun so I mixed both styles for this weeks theme.

I also made a tutorial on my youtube for 2 bananabuns.

Stay on this page for my pics!


My first style was a messy frenchtwist with a fishtailbraid over it.

Style 2: an actual bananabun with a big frenchbraid.

This is a more elegant style. I mixed a frenchtwist with a fishtailbraid.

This style was my favorite one! I love the softness of it.

Bananabun meets ponytail.

My sixth style is a big lacebraid into a banababun.

I have a couple more styles on my instagram, so make sure to check them out :)

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