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Coachella inspired styles!

Hi sweethearts!

A while ago I did a shoot with my sister Carolien. The shoot was all festival inspired. I choose some fun festival hairstyles and styled her outfits. I'm so lucky that she has an awesome sense for fashion so it wasn't that hard to choose clothes from her wardrobe.

Carolien, you're the coolest!

I took all the pics myself with my Nikon D5100 camera. As you can tell, I love photography and shooting.


For the first outfit, she had some funky braided spacebuns. For the braids I used a zigzag- hairpart. Totally rocking the '90s look here.

Outfit details:

Pants and turtleneck top: Subdued.

Shoes: Adidas.

Hairclips: Hollister.

Silver bracelet: And Other Stories.


For our second look I went a bit edgier. She had cornrows with some hairrings and cool makeup (that she did herself because I literally don't know anything about makeup, yes I'm that girly).

Hairrings: Claire's.

Shorts and t-shirt: Hollister.

Bracelet: Hollister.

Choker: Veritas BE.

So what did you guys think about the pictures and styles? Would you go to a festival with these outfits?

Thanks for reading this blog!

Lots of love, Steph x

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