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Hairstyle inspo: Diagonal braids for brides

Hi guys!

Back with a new theme of hairstyles! I went for diagonal braids. I added some flowers in the styles, to make it look prettier and more bridal. Brides don't have to wear the most crazy updo's! Some brides prefer to have braids. With diagonal braids, they still can show off their open-back-dresses, just like with updo's.

The first style: a diagonal bowbraid. One of my ultimate faves EVER! I didn't add a lot of bows, to give the style a more mature look.

The second one: a diagonal fourstrand braid. I love the dramatic look of the dying lily. Yeah, you guys already know about the fact that I love flowers more when they're dead!

Number 3: a diagonal ropebraid. They look so cool, and they're actually even easier than a regular 3strand braid. You only have to use 2 strands of hair and this is what makes it a lot easier to braid with, I think!

Style 4: A diagonal fishtail. It's actually a pancaked (pulled apart) dutch fishtail, because you braid UNDER instead of over.

Braid 5 is a regular frenchbraid (but pancaked). I really love the elegant, simple and minimalistic look of this style. Sometimes, less is more!

For my 6th style, I went with a mermaidbriad. It even looks more like an actual mermaid-tail when you do this braid diagonally. Awesome!

My 7th and final look: 3 lace- dutchbraids over each other. I went for a flower bouquet in the end, for a more dramatic look.

Thanks again for reading this blogpost. If you know any brides-to-be who wuld like these styles, then simply show her my pictures!

Lots of love and happiness, Steph x

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