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Weddinginspo: flowery updo's for hot weather

Hi sweethearts!

I'm back with a new blogpost. It's all about those hot summerdays! In Belgium, we're currently under a heatwave... This means, 30 degrees celcius plus and NO rain for days. So I thought, omg those brides right now, with their long dresses and their big hair, they must die from this heat. So this is how I came up with this new theme: updo's for weddings, when it's super hot!

My first style is an updo I kinda invented. I started with a small bun on top of her head and left all of her remaining hair around her crown out. Then I took small strands of hair and started wrapping them around this bun. It gave this super cool, Greek effect. Sofie, just back from Rhodos here, really looks like a Greek goddess!

This is an updo with a lot of twists and a small braided accent. I wanted to challenge myself to create all updo's with the least amount of braids. Just to focus on the updo itself, for this theme. I added a selfmade flowercrown that I made with Jenny Fleur and Elle Belgium at an event. I guess I'm more creative than I think sometimes.

Here I rolled all her hair up, around a hairdonut. I added a lot of flowers, over the bun. This style reminded me of Frieda Kahlo, for some reason. I bet she'd totally rock this hairstyle.

A super classical frenchtwist. I used my hairdonut here, to get this volume. No teasing required! How I did this: I took my donut and bobbpinned it tight, so that the hole of the donut wasn't there anymore and I had a more oval shaped donut.

Another upstyle with a lot of twists and the flowercrown. If I'd be a bride with this weather, I would want to have all my hair tight up, so that no hairs are in my face or my neck.

This one's a more messy style. I recreated an updo from pinterest. Gotta love pinterest, even though I don't know how to use it haha! The updo itself was made from messy rosettes.

My last style is an updo that I made with 5 messy braids, just pinned up. Anyone can do this style! Plus: the messier the better so it's even a good thing when you mess up the style!

Et voila, this was my blogpost about hairstyles for HOT weddings. Thanks for looking at my pictures, I hope that you've liked the styles. Have a great, warm week (yes: also literally).

Thank you so, greetings, Stephanie.


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