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Metal-wedding of my awesome friend!

Hi guys,

My friend Linde got married to her soulmate Dennis on august 14th 2017. I had the opportunity to style her hair for her wedding. We first did a trial (check the pictures of the hairstyles she didn't choose on my social media) and then we choose one special style for the day. On the day itself I used some fresh flowers from Bloemendekor Kontich, thanks again for that to Wendy, the owner!

The hairstyle: a diagonal and BIG dutchbraid with some fresh flowers. I added some softness with some elegant curls. The theme of the wedding was festival, so she had to be able to headbang all day and night with the hair!


Linde had a professional photographer for her big day, but she also asked my collegue's student to take pictures of her day as well. M. is a girl with downsyndrome but with a passion for photography. I helped her with taking the pictures and I must say, her pics were pretty inspiring. This is also why I believe so strongly in inclusion for special needs. Why shouldn't she follow her dreams anyway, right?

So now I'm going to share with you the pictures of the wedding that I took myself. Enjoy, as I take you with me during the day, by just showing the pictures. I think that these pictures speak louder than words, so no further explanation needed!

 So, this was my day, not in words but in pictures. 

Message to Linde and Dennis, congratulations, I wish you guys all the happiness that you deserve together!

Have a great honeymoon!

Lot of love, Steph!

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