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Hi sweethearts!

Last thursday I went with Shannen to the Oona beauty day. Oona is a top pressagency in Antwerp. Each 6 months they have "beautydays" to let the brands that they work with, show their new collections of products. Super interesting for me as a hairblogger! Yay new stuff!

In this pic I was holding a 2L bottle of perfume. So cool! The perfume is the new fragrance from Intimacy. Very flowery and girly, perfect for me! I really love wearing girly, pink perfumes (even though I'm not a fan of being girly...or seeing anything pink haha).

The products

The first brand I'm going to talk about is Kruidvat. This is their 5 euro perfume collection. They also have a collection for men with some awesome fragrances. To be honest, I love smelling at men's perfumes. Why? Because when the perfume smells good, I always picture a perfect-hot guy with it!

They also brought their new collection of skincare with them. I tried some of the products and I must say, these are really awesome products for girls like me (a.k.a. poor teachers on a budget). A must-buy is definitely the new lash serum. I have pretty long lashes myself so I don't need it but I can believe that for some of you, a great lash serum might be perfect. I looked a couple of reviews up on the internet and people seem to really like it!

Then my fave: Yves Rocher, why? Cause it's all natural and animal-friendly in Europe. They launced a couple of new products. They already finished the look of the products but the consistancy of the pruduct itself wasn't finished yet so we got to try a sample. Pretty cool to know that I tried a product that's not on the market yet, AND not entirely finished yet. PLUS you guys, I have great news, they already knew about my page so I'm maaaybe collabing with them in the future. Score!

Another must: Ici Paris XL, a beauty store in the BeNeLux and Germany. Benelux stands for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Some of their products are shown later...

By the way, how pretty has Oona decorated everything with the flowers? The flower arrangement was done by Wildflowers and Wodka, a freelance flowerist in Antwerp.

Here's everything from the goodiebag! Thank you SO much Oona and all the participating brands for this! I had: The intimacy perfume and the one from Kruidvat. 3 Lovely smelling candles from Scento. My fave of them: the Cashmere & cotton, it smells like fresh laundry in spring. Then a highlighter from BEcreative and lipbalm from Only you (Ici Paris XL). The purple one is with berries, yay for lovely kisses in my opinion- sadly, I'm single haha!

The brown product is something magical: I never saw anything like this, it's like magic, it really is! It's a self-tanning wipe. BUT: when you open it, it's just like a wipe with makeup remover, it's white, not brown at all. So extremely cool. The toning is great, not too brown for me and it makes my skin glow.

Then the day cream from Kruidvat. It's so soft, it's a dream.

Then the soft purple box was from Comfort zone. Love how elegant and minimalistic the products look. It's all about cleansing, I already used the toner a couple of times. It really activated and woke up my skin. Love the feeling! Plus all of the products are for sensitive skin. I don't wear makeup (yes, guilty) and I don't use too many products for my skin so I guess that my skin just isn't used to having products. When I do use products, most of the time my skin gets irritated or I even have allergic reactions. These products are so soft, I didn't feel pain at all, plus: no allergies! Perfect!

Also: Oona had made reservations for all the blogger/vloggers in a VIP area at Ellis Gourmet burger. Ellis is my fave, great veggie burgers there!

So this was my night, I really enjoyed it! It was freezingly cold and raining/storming all night but that couldn't stop me! Here's by the way a great tip from Shannen to not ruin your look when it's raining: use a shopping bag over your head as an umbrella when it's storming hahaha sorry Shannen!

Thanks Ellis for the food, thanks Oona for the warmth <3.

x Steph

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