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My 20 best shots from le Côte d' Azur

Hi sweethearts,

Since I only share my braidfies on my social media, I'd like to use my blogging page to share with you my photo's from the vacays.

I'm just back from the South of France. We stayed at Sainte Maxime, a cosy town at the Côte d' Azur. You already know, I'm obsessed with this area. Why? Because it's just gorgeous any season!

My shots are all taken with my Nikon DSRL camera (just like my braiding pics). I have the Nikon D5100 camera set with two lenses. I mostly use the 18-55mm one...

I don't use filters for my shots. And if you want to have more info about the shots or locations, just ask! I'm letting the shots speak for themselves!

My sister as a model for her fashion instagram. Because, ofcourse I have to take her pics, it's obligatory as her big sister haha!

Pic taken at the Saint Aygulf beach, where we relax during summer. It's one of the prettiest beaches in Europe!

The red rocks from the area around Agay, called the Massif de l' Estérel. Look at that color of the sea! Can you tell that I'm obsessed with blue?

Calamares!! No kidding, I'd never eat this beauty! We saw it in Boulouris, close to the last shot. I took this photo above the water so it's a bit blurry but hey; look at this cristal clear water though!

As you might have seen in my blogpost from November, we saw this group of wild boars before too. So cool, being able to see these wild beautiful animals. Shot taken inside the Massif de L' Estérel, just right next to our car!


We celebated Christmas eve in Saint Tropez! Look at this colorful sunset. I said it once and I'll say it again, there's no better place in this world to watch the sunset than Saint Tropez! Santa arrived there by boat, hilarious!


A close up in the garden of the Villa Ephrussi de Rotschild, I'll talk about it later!

From the villa, you can spot in the back the Island of Corsica.

The front of the stunning villa!! Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild is located at Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, also a lovely town at the Côte d' Azur. The villa is from a Barones from the 18th century.

A bit of long exposure shots in the gardens. (without tripod because ahm...)

My sis inside the villa haha!


A stormy day! Yeah so fierce! Took this shot at the Presque'ile de Hyères. There, you can spot flamingos as well, but it was too stormy to take shots.

... and my other sis!

Okay last shot of the storm, promise!


What to do on rainy days at the Côte d'azur (beside shopping)? Go to Monaco, to visit the castle and the Musée Océanographique (a large aquarium). Details of a shark.

And ofcourse the Monaco view with Monte Carlo and Italy in the back!


We found this cute little beach somewhere near les Issambres and we just had to use the plants of the terrace (since it's closed in the winter so no one really cares). Shooting for my sis again!

Storm and a ton of rain also means, snow in the mountains! So you can relax on the beach with like 15-20 degrees Celcius, and watch the snow behind you. STUNNING! The city in the back is Saint-Raphaël. Photo taken on the same spot as the previous shot.

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