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Wedding updo's

Hi my sweethearts,

A while ago I did a couple of wedding updo’s on my sister to inspire you fort he upcoming weddingseason. I really love doing braids but sometimes I do them too much and I get bored of them. Then I mix my feed up with updo’s. Most of the updo’s have braids in them too, but not all of them. I think that updo’s don’t always need braids. Sometimes it’s enough, plain and simple. The styles are easy styles that anyone can do. You just need to be able to know the braiding basics: a frenchbraid and a dutchbraid.


The first one is an updo with a special braid. for this technique, you do a lacebraid on one side. You can use the pencil technique if you think that’s easier. Here's a way to create this braid. It's called a rib cage braid.

I made 2 ponytails with two of these braids and then I simply pinned them up. This updo takes about 7 minutes max to create. You just need to make 2 braids and pin them up, done!

Here’s a waterfallbraid into a chignon. I made the waterfall from the top of her head, down to her face on one side. For the Chignon: I just rolled all her hair up and pinned this in place.

The next style is a messy updo. I rolled her hair up and made a bun. Over the bun I layed a small braid.

For this flowery updo I rolled her hair up. I used a frenchtwist technique. I made a row of bobbypins and rolled her hair over these pins. You find a tutorial here.

I took some strands of hair out of the roll, for a more messy effect.

The next style is a more fancy updo. I made a dutchbraid and layed it over a chignon. For the chignon, I just rolled her hair up and pinned it in place with bobbypins. I love this polished look!

The last style was my fave style. It's chic and messy at the same time.I made two lacebraids (frenchbraid on one side). I layed these braids over a messy bun. For the messy bun, I just rolled and rolled her hair up and this is what it looked like.

So did you guys like these updo's? Are you more a fan of messy updo's or sleek, polished ones? I can't choose. I think for my own wedding (not that I'm getting married like, ever, but yeah...), I'd choose a sleek polished one. I like the messy ones more on other girls.

Thanks for reading this blog! Have a great day.

X Steph

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