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Coachella hair inspo

Hi sweethearts,

It is the first weekend of Coachella, THE ultimate festival for all those boho-lovers! The festival where your look is EVERYTHING! I love creating festival hairstyles so take a look at the styles that I created as an inspiration for this festival.

The fist style is a style I created with my So-Phi hairstick. I love using them. They are so easy to use. Perfect for festivals. You can wear your hair down and when you want to change it to an updo or a half updo, you can create a new hairstyle in just a second! Plus, they are easy to put in your bag!

This style was more of an extravert style. I created this effect with pancaking the braids (you pull them a bit apart to make them look bigger). If you pancake the braids on different levels, you get this cool effect! I mixed it up with a pop of color: I used blue and black elastic bands and a couple of forget-me-knots!

Here I created some uneven spacebuns. I didn't want them to look too perfect because I wanted the fun, boho look so that's why they are a bit uneven; Life doesn't always have to be perfect, right? I finished it off with a couple of curls and braids!

The style for a rock festival! I made a big 5strand braid with some boho curls. I didn't curl all her hair, I mixed her natural curls with a couple of curlingwand-curls. I finished the look off with a bandana, rockchick level high!

Here I also made spacebuns, but with some braids. I wanted the buns to be more feminine so I made a couple of boho curls in her hair.

AND: if you're more of a really girly-girl: here's your style! I made big curls with my curling iron and a massive braided rosette. I finished it off with a flowercrown, totally cliché but so so pretty!

My last style: a braided crown with curls. I really love crownbraids, you know. They are so pretty and look so intricate but if you can braid a bit, you can pull them off in just a couple of minutes! I did this braid in exactly 2 minutes! I added a hairjewelry as an extra eyecatcher!

So, did you like these styles? Which hairstyle would you wear for Coachella or any other festival?

X Steph

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