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Shooting in Doel

Hi sweethearts,

Last week, I went shooting in Doel with a team of awesome people!

The shoot was for Antwerp Avenue, a brand that Jessica De Block started up all by herself. Speaking of a girlboss, later more about that.

The MUA was Didi Penders. She did an awesome job on making Jessica's blue eyes really eye-catching (yes, my lame humor).

The styling was done by the sweet Sofie Gielen. She borrowed clothes from Pravda pressroom and UPR. Two Antwerp based press agencies.

The shots are from Lumino photography. I love his work. The shots are so elegant, feminine and light!

And ofcourse I did her hair.

I'll link all the social media from the rest of the team below!

A bit more info about Doel.

Doel is a ghost town near Antwerp. It used to be a town for workers at the Doel nuclear power station. Due to several mistakes by our lovely government, most of the people who lived there, started to leave town. It was the idea of the government to take the town down, to make our Antwerp harbor bigger and fancier. Doel was just a place, in their way. Doel used to have 1300 inhabitants. In 2013, only 28 people still lived there (and by now, probably even less).

The houses are still there, but don't look the same. There's a lot of graffiti on the facades now. For photoshoots, Doel is a great place because of that. Some of the grafitti works, are actual pieces of art. Some artists have done a great job using their creativity on the walls of Doel.


As told before, Jessica is a real girlboss-inspo for us all. BUT she takes the trash out herself. Hahah! Her earrings say it all: girlboss. These were from a USA based webshop called Design and Curiosity Studio.

Jessica manages her website herself. She is even younger than me, which makes me feel a bit like... immature?

What's the shop about? So she makes phone cases and laptop sleeves: all about girlbossing. Us girls, we take the lead and we can do great things ourselves, that's what A.A. is all about.

"With our tech accessories, we aim to inspire, motivate and empower women all around the world. We want to show you that you càn be ambitious & empowered and still like pink."- Direct quote from the website.

On the previous shot, I pinned her hair all up, to create this effect that she was just getting ready and her curls needed to cool off- before going out and doing her thing!

Here, I altered the hairstyle a bit, to make pretty headshots. For these headshots, pinned up hair wasn't that pretty, so I made her an elegant updo with the curls.

Outfit: UPR.


The next look: The Liu-Jo chic look where Jessica was afraid of the germs of the cash dispenser.

Phonecase from Antwerp Avenue.

Outfit: UPR.

A fun BTS where I was fixing Jessica's curls and Sofie was styling her blouse.


A spontaneous hustle-action shot! Smile, beauty, smile. If oyu want to know the back of this half updo, the stay tuned for the shot on my social media #SmallProductPlacement.

Necklace: also by Design and Curiosity Studio.

The polo was actually a polo with a matching skirt from Who's That Girl.


The perfect streetstyle shot of Jessica. How perfectly is she placed in front of this grafitti. I think it's so cool.

Blouse and Jacket: Patrizia Pepe: look by Pravda Pressroom.


The candy-in-my-hair look! This was actually my fave look. That Liu Jo bag is just to die for. So extremely cute!

Pants: Tommy Hilfiger.

Blouse: Patrizia Pepe.

Look: UPR.


Thank you so much awesome team for this great teamwork; I loved everyone's addition to this shoot.

More info about the team below. I tagged their instagram profiles, but you can also find them on facebook!

Sofie Marie Gielen: Stylist.

Photography: Lumino Photography by Stefan Kerkhofs

Hair by me: Stephanie Morcel for Stylinglikesteph.

THANKS for everything! And you guys, I hope you liked this shoot. All the other pics will be featured on my social media at Stylinglikesteph.

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