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Reviewing Weleda products

Hi guys,

Some of you might have seen it on my instagram but recently I unfollowed all brands that still test on animals. I just can't support this any longer. It didn't feel right for me. BUT I also did some research about vegan brands and discovered that the world has so many vegan brands to offer. It's good that the change is happening today, I think.

The main reason why I deciced this is because I myself am a pretty agressive girl. I admit it... I know this about myelf and I can get mad and frustrated easily. Since there's already so much agression in the world, and since I want to change that part of myself as well, I no longer want to support any other form af hatred and agression. This is also an anger-management lesson haha!

So I got to try some products of Weleda, a Swiss brand, all vegan and natural! Yes!

Weleda started about 90 years ago, when two scientists started to work together because of their mutual interest in holistic science. They wanted to create a brand with products as natural as possible, to heal our mind, body and soul.

The mission of Weleda is simple: nature is us. It's everywhere and we have an impact on it, just as nature has a strong impact on us as well. They're NATRUE labelled, which means: (from their website)

"Natural cosmetics are not always natural cosmetics. NATRUE is the first internationally recognised quality seal for organic and natural cosmetics and thus creates clarity in the label ‘jungle’. Any products featuring the label of NATRUE guarantee the highest standards.

*Natural and organic ingredients

* Sustainable production process

* Environmentally-friendly practices

* No synthetic fragrances or dyes

* No silicone oils, No ingredients from petrochemicals

* No animal testing

* No irradiation of end products or herbal ingredients"

​I tried the mild cleansingmilk and the refreshing facetonic. The milk is good for removing makeup and deep cleansing our pores. Since I almost never wear makeup, I don't use this to remove my makeup obviously, but I use it right before bed, to clean my face and wash all the dirt off from the past day. The other product I use daily after the milk is the tonic. When I use it, it feels like I have a new face. My face feels so young and fresh. ALSO: after a couple of days I did notice a small improvement with my pores. I do have a good skin and I almost never have acne, but the area around my nose is just a bit oilier than the rest and I do have deeper pores there. The pores seem smaller, so this means that I don't see them clearly anymore, when I look at myself, searching for them in the mirror. Yes, guilty.

Maybe, it's because I finally, actually do clean my face daily, or maybe it's just because of using the right products! Who will tell?

I also tested the cream for dry skin, because my skin is mostly normal to dry sometimes (because of the sun etc).

The cream in the picture (for dry skin) was very gentle for me and didn't make my skin oily at all. Normally, when you have dry skin and you want to hydrate it, the product is too oily so it hydrates too much (and for me this means, wider pores again.. ew!). So the product is a winner. And also: I do have a super fragile skin and I can get allergies to product easily (like I mentioned before on the Caudalie product...). On the entire collection that I tested, my skin didn't get red or didn't feel like it was burning at all. YES!

The cleasing foam was a bit too dry for my skintype. So I gave it to my sister, who loves it very much now. Perks of being a bloggers-sister! :)

So my final conclusion: I LOVE Weleda!

Thanks Weleda for letting me try your collection and thanks for changing the world for the better #NotSponsoredButLovingItThough haha

Thanks for reading this blog and have a wonderful, sunny day! Love you all.

X Steph

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