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Last min fancy hairstyles for NYE

Hi sweethearts,

Since tonight is New Year's Eve, I thougt it would be fun to share with you some of my fave hairstyles of the year 2018, to give you guys some inspo for hairstyles to wear tonight.

Some of the styles are a bit extra, some of them are super simple and some of them have a lot of glitter :)

Do you have your hairstyle already picked? Because if not, stay here for some fun ideas!

oh and maybe then you can help me to pick mine, since I also haven't pciked my hairstyle yet. This is the problem that I always have ahaha! I just have too many pretty styles to choose from, so that I pretty much can't ever decide!


So, which style is your fave? Which one would you like to wear tonight?

I wish you all a super fun evening tonight with lots of good food! Be safe and don't drink and drive :)

Happy 2019!

X Steph

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