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Cleaning the pool after the winter

Hi sweethearts!

In today's post, I'm taking you guys along with me on a fun trip to my garden!

Keep on reading if you want to know more about how I was able to clean up my pool after a long winter, with a terrible storm that ruined my pool!

First of all, in february we had the craziest storm here in Belgium. The wind was over 200 km/h strong, which was pretty crazy. The roof of our neighbours' gardenhouse was wrecked and flew into our pool. You can imagine that this was a pretty scary storm.

Here was a fireman trying to save our pool from even more damage. The roof was gone (flew into our pool), but there was still a part of it left that was hanging loose. This was pretty dangerous so we called 911 to come fix it, before it did even more damage.

The roof first flew onto our wall, and then ended in our pool. Our pool has a safety protection over it, that's pretty strong because we have a dog. We don't want him to fall into our pool and this protection is normally strong enough to hold him. But with this storm, the glass gardenhouse was shattered and super sharp so it did cut through the protection. As you can imagine, we had glass everywhere. Now, months after this storm, we still find glass in our garden daily. Crazy, right?

(storm footage)

So today, I went back into my garden to finally fix our pool before the summer. It's a crazy weather day here in Belgium but that didn't stop me from going outside.

I recieved this cleaning kit from Willy Naessens to try out. I used all products of it.

I started with cleaning up the borders of the pool with the brush. After that, I used the net to pick up big leaves out of the pool.Then I went on vacuuming the pool. After vacuuming, I did a backwash of the pool, to get rid of all the leftover dirt. After cleaning it up, I used the Willy Naessens chlorine, to kill germs and clean it all up.

After the entire process, I checked the pH of the pool, to make sure that our pool was clean enough.

The entire process took me about 2 hours. Yes, it was a loooooong, cold winter...

a quite embarassing before...

...and a less embarassing after (this was just after brushing and cleaning out the borders of the pool)

The last time I cleaned up our pool was probably somewhere in october. We did have a long summer, up till october... but we also had a veeeery long winter (up till... now??).

The weather in Belgium is often just a bit all over the place... And this is why we don't use the pool that often. This winter especially, was a pretty ugly one. We didn't have much hours of sun. Normally, around easter, we're already able to use the pool a bit, even if it's just to sit next to it or to paddle our feet in the water.

We had a couple of warm days before, but it wasn't warm enough to actually enjoy the pool. The water was like 11 degrees celcius, yikes!

So now, after all the cleaning, the pool is ready to rock. I'm getting so excited for the summer. I really need to get rid of all my winter clothes (but days are sooo cold right now).

Thank you so much to Willy Naessens for this fun, different project. I can't wait for all the poolside-photoshoots to come!

Make sure to check out my social media, to find the poolside-photoshoots soon :)

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