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Sunset poolparty with Willy

Hi guys,

I had such a fun weekend, throwing a sunset poolparty for my best friends. Before the heatwave past week, we already had a hot weekend so I invited my friends over for a swim after work.

We are a pretty inclusive friendgroup and we're very open about that. I am passionate about inclusion since it's my job, one friend has autism and is very open about that, my other friend has an auto immuun disease so she's in a wheelchair and my last friend is...normal haha but what is normal, right!

I really love my friends and we are very open to each other. This is what makes our friendship interesting: we are able to tell everything to each other. Also the bad things and we give each other advice and feedback daily. This is how we're able to help each other grow, which I think is beautiful.

So then the preps for the party: I first went to Action for some snacks and drinks and some fun poolparty decorations for the terrace. Then I got these super fun floaties from Willy Naessens to enjoy our pool even more.

For snacks, I went for a couple of different chips/crisps and popcorn. All vegan, you don't have to even look for vegan snacks anymore nowadays. They're just in every store....

I also got some skittles but we didn't even open the package since we already had so much to eat haha (this was only a quarter of the food we had...).

This is my gorgeous squad! (the bag on the table is my bag with all my nailpolishes).

I styled hair and I opened my bag of nailpolishes, if anyone of us wanted to be super girly, they were able to fix their hair and fix their nails.

My other friend also held a gender-reveal party on her own that night haha. She's pregnant and had a colored bomb to reveal the gender. We were so honored that we were the first ones to find out the gender of her baby. Can you tell the color? Was is blue or pink???


And now some shots of the night itself!

A hairstyle ofcourse!

Fox, swimming in the pool with the lights already on because the sun was down. I was so happy to see her enjoy the water. She doesn't move a lot normally since she's stuck to her wheelchair (she lost a lot of muscles and she's tired easily). So seeing her being able to move, just for a little while is beautiful.

And this was the end of the night!

All accessories you see in the pool are from!

Thanks Willy, for all the fun we already had in our pool!

And thanks squad for another fun night.

X Steph

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