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2022 Wedding hair trends

Hi guys

A new wedding season with less restrictions is ready to go! So here are a few fun hairstyle trends that are going to be very hot for this season.

1) Chic sleek chignons or curly chignons. This one is a chic sleek chignon. If you don't like the sleek look, you can leave some curls out of the updo. Then you'll get a more messy, undone look. You can also go for a few face framing locks out of the updo, if you want to hide your face a bit more on photos.

This style is actually a chignon, created with braids. In 2022 the braided updos are actually becoming less popular...

You create the bun with just rolling all the hair up around your fingers and then pinning it all in place. You can use gel or hairspray to keep the style tight together so that it can last all night.

2) The boho is out, in with the more romantic, less messy hairstyles.

This one was actually a mix of a couple of braids, added with some fresh flowers.

The romantic styles are cleaner than the boho ones. As you can tell, I did not leave any curls out of the braids. I kept it all tight together, without making it look too neat. A big help to get this romantic effect is to "pancake" the braids. This means that you pull out the edges of the braid, without actually "breaking" the braids. Pancaking makes the braids bigger and gives them a more effortless look. Perfect for a romantic style!

3) Oh yeah, the pearls are still a big thing in 2022. The trend started 2 years ago with the pearly headbands, then went on last year with the hairpins with pearls and this year the've even created pearly stickers to add in your hairstyle.

Actually, such hairstyles as these, only take a couple of minutes to create and these are a big trend in 2022.

My pearls here are actually quite the "cheat hack" since they're from Action and are pearls on pins to use for crafting.

4) Natural texture hair, curly 2022 edition!

As 2021 was a year where inclusion and diversity were getting more important, in 2022 diversity is going to go fully mainstream. This means that more brides will choose their natural hair as an option. When you have big curls or even frizzy hair, you can totally go for an updo with your own hairtexture.

We need to embrace our natural hair!

For this style, I pinned up my beachy waves. These waves were from wearing braids so they're not really my natural hairtexture. I have straight and fine hair...

5) The instafamous Hollywood waves.

Here I was wearing a braid on one side and the waves on the other side. I've seen these waves all over instagram and I'm dying to create them on long hair one day.

You create such waves by curling the hair and then brushing the curls a bit out. You'll need a lot of hairproduct though, if you want the waves to stay in place.

This trend actually started somewhere in the more Eastern region, like Dubai etc. It's a big wedding trend there since a couple of years...

So, do you like these hairstyles? Would you book me for one of them?

X Steph


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