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4 seasons, one skirt

Hi sweethearts,

Last week, I purchased at Primark a super adorable skirt. I think it was about 13 euros...

Since the weather here in Belgium is totally crazy lately (hot and cold, literally), I wanted to share with you guys different options to wear this skirt. I choose 4 looks, for each season.


First season: the summer. I choose a top I stole from my sister (hey now you know). It's cropped, which I love in the summer. Cropped T-shirts with highwaist skirts or shorts were really trendy this past summer.

Another summer trend: the scarf wrapped in your hair. It's super handy if you go to the beach. Mostly, after swimming my hair looks so gross and is totally tangled. I cover this up with a scarf! No combing needed! Combing your knots out with seasalt-beach hair is also super bad for your haircondition. Your hair is extra fragile with the combination of water, sun and salt... so combing your hair will only damage it even more.

After the summer comes the fall/autumn. Here in Belgium the autums are mostly rainy with about 15 degrees celcius maximum. The last couple of weeks the weather has been super sunny and over 20 degrees celcius, which isn't normal. But: it was already chilly in the mornings because the sun didn't give the summer-warmth anymore.

I loved wearing this skirt without pantyhose but because of the chilly mornings, I combined my look with a sweater so that my body wouldn't be too cold. Oh yes, this sweater was stolen from my mom. Mom, now you also know haha!

After the chillier days of autumn, comes the winter. In Belgium, winters are also rainy (or snowy). We have temperatures around 0 degrees, up to 10 degrees celcius maximum.

In the winter, I'm always super cold so I like to wear warm, cosy sweaters. This one with the fake fur is great for the winter season. It gives some extra warmth around my neck, so that I wouldn't catch a cold.

Around Easter, the temperatures rise up again and the flowers can start to blossom. In the beginning of the spring, it can be still pretty cold around here... In april, it is possible to have temperatures around 5-10 degrees celcius, still. So I went for a warmer look.

The problem with Belgian springs is that the difference in temeratures is huge. It goes from 5 degrees celcius up to 30°C.

Lately, in may (at the end of the spring), the weather has been pretty nice here and it was even possible to swim in our pool. Just ot give you guys an image of our weather.

This outfit is great for the colder spring days so that's why I went for this look. If it were hotter, I'd combine the skirt with a short sleeve T-shirt, instead of this long sleeved one.

Et voila, these were the four seasons to wear the same skirt in.

Do you guys mix clothes during the seasons? Or do you prefer (like me) to wear the same clothes, but just combine them differently to get new looks?

Thanks for reading this blog!

X Steph


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