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A day in Pisa

Hi guys,

After Florence, we went to Pisa for a day. A lot of people told me before, that I shouldn't go there because there's not much to see and do, besides exploring the leaning tower. I looked it all up and decided to still go there, to explore it all. In this post, I'll talk to you through my day in Pisa because the people who told me that there's nothing to see there, are wrong!

In Pisa, you find the same river as in Florence, the Arno river. Next to the river, I also took some reflection photos, because I love them so much!

Due to the heavy storms in december, the river was pretty wild and even flooded the city a bit. Therefore they made the banks of the river higher with wooden panels and bags of sand.

This made the view less pretty though...

The city itself is rather small but cosy. It has a shopping street and some other lovely squares. The main thing to to in Pisa is to go explore the Leaning Tower area, ofcourse. A lot of tourists there, only explore the outsides of the tower and cathedral. But the thing I liked the most there, was going inside all the buildings. Especially the catherdral is stunning inside. You guys already know that I'm obsessed wih churches for all of the craftmanship and artworks but this cathedral was littterally one of the most stunning ones I've ever visited. Please, when going to Pisa, book tickets to visit all the buildings and to be able to enter them. Don't be such a selfie tourist, take a tower pic and leave the square.

Okay, Ofcourse I had to take a cliché shot myself too, no shame... but I visited everything else there al well.

What to visit ath the square of miracles:

- Visit the stunning cathedral/ Duomo. Inside the catherdral is a stunning wooden ceiling with golden details. On the walls, you find amazing frescoes.

The catherdral was built in 1054. So it's about 1000 years old. After the renovations in the 16th century, the Dom looks like this!

-Climb up to the tower: the view over the square and the area is beautiful. The area is close to the mountains of Tuscany and it's beautiful. In the background, you can even see the Carrara marble mountains. On the pic, you can spot some white spots. I thought (dreamed) that htis was snow but it was the marble actually.

- Visit the Camposanto Cemetery. Here are some ancient graves and once again, stunning frescoes on the walls.

And after that, you can visit the museum as well. Inside the museum you get to see artwork from the area.

I'd reccomend to get the combiticket for the entire square. It'd be sad to travel all the way to Pisa, and not actually discovering this place.

After discovering everything in the square, stroll through the city center and take a walk next to the river. Eat some pasta for dinner and aff you go!

X Steph


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