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About Studio Anvers jewelry

Hi sweethearts,

This morning, I recieved a package all the way from Shanghai, so cool!

The fun thing about this package was that it's actually from a shop from Antwerp (my hometown).

So what's Studio Anvers?

Studio Anvers is a jewelry collection founded by Laura Van Laer. She only started the brand this summer and has created quite a collection yet. I'm so inspired by this fact. She always wanted to have her own collection of jewelry and made her dream come true. To most of you who follow my instagram, you know that my page is all about happiness #lifegoals and chasing your dreams. So when she asked me to try some of her products out, I instantly said YES! I love being inspired by other ladies out there!

I really loved the collection about the Antwerpse Handjes- Antwerp hands. The hand is the symbol of Antwerp. It comes from hand-werpen, which basically means "throwing hands". You can find more about this myth on Wikipedia ;).

These ones are white gold plated earrings and cost €24.95.

When you buy one of the items, you get a super cute package with it.

With every box comes a cute bag to put the jewelry in, great for traveling I think. You also get a cleansing wipe to clean the jewelry, what a great idea!

Hey Swarovski, hasn't Laura found out a great idea that you didn't know about yet? I think that it's a great idea and that from now on all my fave jewelry brands should sell this with the packages as well. So Laura, ask for a pattent haha!

Here's an example of the golden jewelry from Studio Anvers. I liked the "fingers crossed" necklace. Do I need to explain myself why? Fingers crossed to me means, "let's hope for the best". This necklace will remind me of that because sometimes, I can get super negative and depressing. So maybe wearing a necklace with crossed fingers on it, will help me to block the negative vibes and always hope for the best. You can always dream and hope.

More info:

Check out my social media for shots where I'm wearing the jewelry!

Thanks for the lovely jewelry Laura, and I thank YOU for reading this blog

X Steph


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