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Dryshampoo: how to use them?

Hi guys

In todays post I'll share with you all different kinds of dry shampoo there are and how to use them. I'm writing this post, so that you can choose for yourself which ones you would like to use.

I only knew about the regular spray dry shampoo, like the one I got from Batiste, which is a dry shampoo spray that works with pressure. Little did I know that there are are so many different kinds of variations actually. I didn't know about them but thanks to being an online creator, I got to know them because these brands have sent these items to me. There are a lot of perk of being an "influencer", I'm not gonna lie.

So, with this blogpost I'll share with you my knowledge.

Also an interesting fact for some of you: all my products are always cruelty free and vegan. I don't want any of my products to be tested on animals whatsoever. There's just no need for that. There are many - many cuelty free brands out there.

First up: the famous Batiste dry shampoo spray. It's cruelty free and vegan and probably the most famous version of a dryshampoo. It works with pressure like a regular hairspray. You can use this dry shampoo to refreshen your hair or to create extra volume. This works best when you're teasing the hair. If you only want volume, without teasing the hair, then you'll need to "massage" the product in the hair. This can be trickier for some of you.

This one is not the most ecofriendly method though... because of the pressure in the bottle. The bottle is made of aluminium with luckily only a bit of plastic.

An interesting article I read on the website of Lush about this matter: "An aerosol bottle must be completely empty, dry and clean before it can be recycled. In reality this is almost impossible to do. In addition, many aerosol cans contain CO2, which means that more greenhouse gases are released into the air. A recent study showed that when one million people exchange the standard canister for a compressed deodorant, 696 tons of CO2 are saved. 20,000 bicycles can be made from the unused aluminum."

But when you want to refreshen your hair after a sweaty gym session, this is your holy grail. Because of the spray method, you can just spray it on the "wet" parts of your scalp and clean the hair up without touching it... your hands can be dirty/sweaty too so you don't want to touch your hair with your hands too often.

The Batiste dry shampoo comes in a lot of different shapes and editions. Like his queer edition to celebrate LGBTQ+, there's are travel size editions etc.

You also have these in options for brown of colored hair. These dry shampoos clean your hair and can cover up roots. I've tested the blonde one on my mom's grey roots and it kinda worked a bit. You could see the grey hair less through her blonde hair! This is a perfect solution for when you want to postpone hairdies- or when there's another lockdown and the salons are closed.

Next: the Aveda shampure dry shampoo. The bottle is post consumer plastic so luckily it's re-used plastic.

This dry shampoo works like the Batiste pressure shampoo but doesn't have that aerosol pressure. You can press on the bottle and push out the product yourself.

Then only hard part about this method is that when you push too hard, you'll probably use too much product. This is a bit of a waste. I don't use this one when I want to clean my hair because of this reason. I want to clean my hair on the parts that need the product. Otherwise I'd be using way too much product and I don't like using much hairproducts during the week.

The product itself is great though. Super lightweight and with natural ingredients.

Third up: the Mylene dry shampoo in a bottle.

This one is the best method to refreshen hair and get a lot of volume. It smells great too. The scent is like from a candy store, so sweet. I could small at it all day.

As told before, to clean up my hair, I don't use it. I don't want to go with my greasy fingers through my hair too much.

The bottle is made of plastic so that's not so eco friendly though...

Then the Aveda Foam reset. This is a dry shampoo, that's actually not dry haha. It's a foam that you don't need to wash out. It works like a regular dryshampoo but it's focus is more on the cleaning rather than the volume or styling touch up.

Even though it's not as strong as a regular dry- dry shampoo, it did clean my hair after a sweaty dance session. An important tip: don't overuse this product. My sister used way too much foam and it made her hair dirty afterwards.

Aveda is a brand that's more know for it's salon- quality so it's also a bit more pricy than drugstore products. The regular Batiste dryshampoos are about 5 euros, this product is about 30 euros...

5th Up and a version of dry shampoo, I've never heared of ever before, if the brand didn't send me this product. It's a dry shampoo from Style dry that looks like a highlighter. You use it like you'd be using a blush or highlighter.

One side of the jar has a mirror and thedry shampoo in powder-form, the other side is for the brush. You take a bit of dry shampoo on the brush and simply brush it over the parts of your roots that you want to freshen up.

It's great to put in your purse or for when you're traveling. You can take it anywhere because it's not liquid, not inflammable and not large.

The dryshampoo itself worked perfectly for a small hairstyle touch up. If you want to create more volume to your hair, you'll probably need to use more product and then this brush is not super easy to use. You'll need to put the product on the brush, brush it through your hair and repeat these steps... a lot of times.

This one is maximum 10 euros.

Then the Styledry refreshing dry shampoo papers. This one is actually pretty genious, it's a paper with dryshampoo on. Less plastic waste while traveling. You simply need to open the paper pouch and take out the dry shampoo paper. You use the paper like a washcloth, you just go through your hair with the paper and the dryshampoo gets in your hair. Afterwards you can throw the paper away in the paper trash can.

Each pastic bag contains 11 papers. It costs about 7,50 euros for them all. That's not expensive at all!

These were the ones that I know of. I know that some of you also use babypowder as a dryshampoo. I've used that hack before and it also worked perfectly for me. The only problem is that it's often not made of natural ingredients... or cruelty free. Some Tiktokkers also mix the babypowder with other ingredients to give your hair a good smell.. but these ingredients are often also not good for your hair. Let's use hairproducts for our hair and babyproducts for our babies :).

Which dry shampoo do you guys use? Did you know all of these dry shampoo options?

X Steph


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