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Aveda haircare event

Hi sweethearts,

This past monday I was invited for an event with Aveda. Aveda is a hair- and skincare brand, totally cruelty free! Their new collection is also vegan approved, so a total winner to me.

The new collection was just recently launched and is selling pretty good already. It's called "cherry almond" (but 'll tell you guys more about the products later).

At the event I got a relaxing hairtreatment from an Aveda hairstylist. She massaged my scalp and washed my hair with the new shampoo and conditioner.

After washing my hair, she blowdried it and then made a couple of flatiron curls. Another stylist who liked to braid (yay friend haha!) wanted to make a braid in my hair as well. I was like: "Yay, first time ever that I'm getting hair-spoiled, so do with my hair whatever you want!".

He made an infinity braid with three strands. Actually, this is a braid that I haven't tried on myself yet. -Yes, so it seems that there are still braids out there that I haven't tried out yet! Challenge accepted.

Check the hairstyle below!


After the treatment, I listened to a perfume Expert Sofie Albrecht for the background story of the scent of the shampoo and conditioner. You can already tell what the scent is going to be like, with the name Cherry almond: it's based on a mix of almonds and cherries. The ingredients for this particular smell are: the tonka bean (for a more wooden scent), orange for a sweet touch and ylang ylang which gives a more natural scent (...and is also a bit of an afrodisiac). Yes, with this smell, everyone around you will fall in love with you haha! The scent is 100% naturally derived, where many other scents are actually synthetic.

Everyting all natural is what I believe in so this shampoo must be good, right?!

If this article got your attention yet, I'll share with you guys a bit more about the collection itself. So as told before, the scent is all naturally derived. The shampoo has 98% natural ingredients and the conditioner even 99%. The shampoo & conditioner are vegan, cruelty-free and tested on people, as they mention at Aveda. A quote by Aveda: "We do not test on animals and never ask others to do so on our behalf.". A beautiful opinion, right?

The cherry almond shampoo bottle is 100% PCR, and the conditioner tube is 59% PCR with 41% bioplastic. Another important fact to mention about Aveda, which also considers our planet: the products of Aveda are created with 100% wind power through renewable energy credits and carbon offsets! I think that more beauty brands should use green energy in their factories. So supporting Aveda, means supporting renewable engery!

The shampoo and conditioner are all paraben and silicon free. Parabens and silicons are really bad for your hair and can make your hair more "lifeless". With using silicons, your hair will get greasy faster actually. So instead of using parabens (like other cheap brands) they use shea butter and coconuts which are all natural and obviously so much better for your hair condition.

Prices: the shampoo costs 17 dollars... for 250 ml. If you buy a 1L it's 54 dollars.

the conditioner is 17 dollars for 200ml and for 1L: 68 dollars.

So this was my blog about the event and the launch of the new Aveda shampoo collection. Oh guys, if you could just smell at my hair right now (yes, my hair still smells a bit like cherries, even after 3 days...).

I thank you for reading this blog and I hope you'll like the products as much as I do! Have a great thursday with a lot of sun!

X Steph


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