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Blanc Seing watches

Hi sweethearts,

This is a collab blogpost with Belgian company Blanc Seing. A start-up brand that sells watches. Beautiful watches.

Fun fact: I got it on my birthday from them, what a great coïcidence. They contacted me via instagram, to try the jewelry out for them and promote it if I liked the product. I looked them up and instantly fell in love, so YES I was in for a collaboration. AND: I also have great news because my insta-followers can buy the watch with a coupon (more info on my instagram so make sure to check it out).

Here's a bit more info about the watch. The watch is made of stainless steel and is all black with small metallic details. It's very elegant, minimalistic yet luxurious. The watch is water resistant and the glass is made of crystal so it's pretty strong and won't break easily.

Then the price: this luxury jewelry only costs 110 euros. In my opinion, this isn't pricey at all for such a great product. Have I just gave you guys a Christmas-gift-inspiration? I hope so!

Another great benefit about the watch is the fitting. have super small wrists and the watch still fitted me perfectly, which is great because mostly big watches can hurt my wrist. Plus, a big watch can look bad on my small wrist. It might look over the top, like I stole a fancy watch and want to show it off haha. But this one is super elegant, so it looked really good on me. I tried the watch on my sister as well, she has a larger wrist than me and it fitted her also perfectly. This watch is kinda like the "sisterhood of the travelling pants" because it can fit anyone ;).

You can buy the watch online on their webshop.

Feel free to check it out on my instagram for more details AND a promo-code (10% off). Great, right before the holidays, am I right or am I right?

Have a lovely weekend, greetings from Steph, and thanks Blanc Seing for this!!

X Steph


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