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Caudalie Vinoperfect

Hi sweethearts,

Sorry that I've been a bit MIA. Life has been a bit hectic and I didn't have time to blog... But I'm totally back.

This blog is about skincare. I've recently changed my skincare routine and I wanted to let you guys kow about it. I had the opportunity to work with Caudalie, a skincare and beauty-brand.

So their new range is called "Vinoperfect", a new skincare routine-collection for a more even skintone, without any stains. I was curious about it, since I have a lot of freckles. These freckles can get pretty large during summer and they give me a more uneven skintone, which I don't like.

Testing the product

So how did I use the products? First, I prepare my skin with the Concentrated brightening essence. It kinda feels like a watery lotion. Then I use the radiance serum complexion correcting. The serum is a white colored creme. It has viniferine in it, which is the juice from a grapevine. I use the products daily, just every morning. This routine takes about two minutes, which is perfect because I never have time in the morning.

I tried it on myself for a while and also on my sisters skin. I have a really fragile skin... and to be honest, on my own skin it kinda felt a bit hot (so I guess that my skin was getting a bit irritated). But hey, whoever wants to be pretty, should undergo a bit of pain, right? And yes, after using it for like 2 weeks, I did notice that my skintone was a bit more even. It really helped me on the zone around my nose (because my nose can get sunburned easily (which means that I always have a red nose...). The effect wasn't super visible, but that's probably because I already have a pretty even skintone myself.

My sisters skin is a bit stronger, but more oily. She has a bit of acne and scars from it. Especially against the scars, we were hoping for some results. After a while, we did notice some changes. The scars were still there, but were less present. So I think, that if we'd use it for a little longer, her scars will go away eventually.

Price: the Essence costs about 20 euros, for 100 ml or 30 euros for 150 ml. You can use this product for a couple of weeks, even months. The Serum costs about 50 euros for 30 ml. You only need about 2 or 3 drops for your entire face, which also means that you can use this product for a longer time.

Have I convinced you sweehearts to try the Caudalie-range out too? Then you're lucky! Why? You can get a promo-code from me! If you buy the serim, you can get one of their Vinoperfect products as a gift (offer ends on the 31st of july). And by the way, on their website they also have a lot of interesting gifts for you.

Promo code: TJNLUK

Where to get the Caudalie products? You can buy it at your pharmacy of on their website at

Thanks for reading this blog, and enjoy your free product!

x Steph


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