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Collab with nailartist

Hi sweethearts,

Last friday I did a collab with my beautiful friend Nathalie from She styled my nails and I did the hair.

First, we went for the mermaid-nail trend. She painted my nails white and then she added some pretty blue glitters, to get this mermaid effect. Pretty, right?


Then we went for a mixture... So a couple of nails were done with matte- black nailpolish, one nail was a glittery grey one and then a marble-one. I didn't know how people do this marble pattern, it's so pretty but it seems so hard to do. It's actually not that hard! You start with painting the nails white, then you use black regular acryl paint with a bit of water. You draw the marble pattern with a pencil with the acryl paint. Then you are actually finished! So not that hard, right?!

What do you guys think of her artwork? I'm obsessed! Yes I am. And to be honest, we only did the patterns for one hand, to save time. So now I have a hand with blue nails...and a black one haha! But I don't want to take the nailartwork off, so yeah, people will think I'm weird but who cares, I love it!

Would you want to see more collabs? Because I can tell you this: I have a couple more yet to come <3.

Thanks for sticking around and make sure to check out our social media: for Nathalie for moi!

X Steph


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