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Collab with youtuber Sofie marie Gielen

Hi sweethearts!

Last week I did another collab- photoshoot again. Yay, I so love my life. I love using my photography-passion for my instagram. It’s nice that I’m actually able to use it for some purpose!

The photoshoot was with youtuber Sofie Marie Gielen. She also styles a lot of photoshoots for pr- agencys or instagrammers. She styled the looks and did her own makeup. The locations of the shoot was outside in Lier. A small cute town near Antwerp.

I (as always), did the hair and the photos. Photo info: I used my Nikon D5100 with Nikkor 18-55 mm lens.

F stop f/10 Lightning: 1/400 sec ISO 400 25- 55mm

For this shoot, we went for a pink theme. Sofies instagram is all-everything-pink so it had to match Her account. My account is more about white/blue/grey kinda tones so it wasn’t easy to find the right places to fit my photos in my instagram-schedule :D

We went for hairstyles with pink flowers, to match the pink theme. The flowers were from Bloemendekor Kontich and my own garden.

First look: Elegance meets industrial. Sofie had a roségolden look in front of a building with industrial lofts. For the hair I made 2 pancaked braids on the sides of her head and a dutchbraid in the middle. I crossed the side braids over this one and added flowers in her hair. I think that the flowers really make the more edgy look a lot softer and elegant.


Look 2: The pink container-location. When we were walking tot he previous location, Sofie saw a pink container on the other side of the Nete river. We totally went for her pink-instagram-look and decided to try this container out as a location.

She wore a soft pink leather skirt with flowers on it. I tried to match the flowers in her hair with these flowers. To make the look a bit more intricate, she wore a pink leather glove with a heart- cut out, so cute! In her hair I made a french fishtail braid and added another braid over the fishtail. This technique is called “a stacked braid”.


Look 3: The one with the cuddly-coat! For this look, we went downtown in Lier. Sofie wore this super fluffy and pretty coat. She had a white top fort his look, so I also added a bit of white flowers in her hair.

In her hair I made a waterfallbraid, diagonally. Then I Ended the waterfallbraid with a regular braid and added some flowers in it, like this white rose from our frontyard.

With the pieces of hair falling out the braid, I created another braid. This is the “lacebraid” technique. It’s a technique where you frenchbraid the hair but you only add hair from one side into the braid.


Last look: The furry white look. Obviously, Sofie wore a furry jacket fort his look. She wore a soft pastel skirt underneath the fur.

In her hair I made a crownbraid. I wanted to focus on her choker, by braiding all her hair up. I frenchbraided her hair around her head and just added some flowers. I went for the white flowers in front of her face, to match the fur and I used pink flowers in the back, for a pinky- detail.

I think this shoot took us about 3 and a half hours. We went to 4 different locations and Sofie had to change her clothes also each time, plus I had to fix her hair too. The reason why I love doing location shoots is that you can get cooler backgrounds fort he shots. For regular shoots with white backgrounds, you can focus on the outfit more. For hairstyle-photoshoots I prefer cooler backgrounds. I have no idea why, but for me it’s just that litte bit extra.

What did you guys think of this collab? Should I do more collabs? Because I can tell you this, I have a few planned already haha!

Thank you so much for reading this blogpost!

x Steph


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