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Cool braided ponytails

Hi sweethearts!

It's me again :)

Today I'll show you guys how to dress up a simple ponytail, These hairstyles are great for working out if you like your hair pulled back but also great for work or parties. You can basically wear them for any occasion and that's why I love ponytails so much! To be honest, I only wear my hair down a couple times a year. I really don't like having hair in my way so that's why I love wearing my hair up. in a ponytail.

Enjoy the hairstyles and I hope that I've been able to inspire you to try some of them out. I've picked styles from all levels of "braiding-skills" and different sorts of braids.

Here's a lacebraided ponytail. Cutegirlshairstyles has a great tutorial for this one!


This is a "stacked braid". First you make a small braid, then you make a big dutchbraid and at the end you simply put the braids together with a bobbypin.


Here you have a dutchbraided fishtail. It kinda looks like a mohawk popping out of the ponytail and I think it's a very cool rockstar-hairstyle!


For this more romantic look, I added some curls in her hair. The braid is actually a waterfall braid, into a lacebraid. First you create a waterfallbraid and with the strands that came out of the braid, you create the the next braid.


Here I also made a waterfall braid, and added the hairstrands into another braid. On youtube it's called the "cascading waterfall braid".


This is a more boho-hairstyle. I made two big dutchbraids into a curly ponytail and added a small braid in the ponytail. I didn't use a hairelastic to secure the braid, since I've teased the ends of her hair.


5 Strand-time. I used a couple of hairrings to make this braid even cooler. Don't you just love 5strand braids? I think they look so intricate and cute!


And my last braided ponytail: a loopbraid. I made the loops bigger and bigger to create a special effect.

So these were all my braided ponytails. Are you going to try some of them out? Let me know :)

x Steph


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