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Cote d'azur shots

Hi sweetheats!

I'm just back from a november-trip to the Cote d'azur area in the South of France.

I took my baby with me and took some shots ofcourse for my blog. With my baby I mean my camera because I'm that lonely. Haha kidding, I just really love my camera!

I'm not sharing too much information about the shots, I'm just sharing the exact locations. I want to let the photos speak for themselves.


L' Ile sur la Sorgue. A small 'Venice' lookalike-town in the Provence.


Gordes, PACA. A lovely cosy town, apparently one of the prettiest towns in France.


Nice beach! Look at that blue water, that's why they call it Cote d' AZUR, get it :) ? (Bleu d'azur...)

And Nice by night.


The beautiful Cap d' Antibes. The hike starts from a beach that looks like a beach somewhere in the Carribean!


The "Massif des Maures", the inland behind the cost from Saint Tropez to Bormes les Mimosas.

This is Bormes les Mimosas the town itself, super cute and lovely!


The inland called "Massif de l'Esterel", starting from Agay.

This is also where we found the starving, wild boars. Normally there's a river full of water at this time of the year, now it was empty... They were hungry and thirsty, we could feed them by hand. Here's my mom even petting them. Who ever said that they attack??? Animals are all naturally friendly, it's just us humans who make them angry and "wild".

I'm ending this post with my overall fave shot. I mean, how sweet is this guy looking?

This story actually even motivated me more to go vegan! Let's all save the animals and save the world.

More info: region PACA: Provence Alpes, Cote D' Azur, South of France in the autumn/fall.

Pics: taken by me with my Nikon D5100 with Nikkor 18-55mm and 55-200mm lensens.

I don't edit my pics that much because I want to tell a natural story to you guys. If you need any more info, then just send me an e-mail!

All my hairstyles are on my facebook or instagram:

Thanks X Steph

Have a great and relaxing weekend!


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