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Crans Montana Travelguide

Hi guys

After all my summers trips, I'm finally home for a longer time now. I've been 2 midweeks to Crans Montana in Switzerland and I thought it might be interesting for you guys to know why we choose to go there (even twice).

First of all, we choose Switzerland because it's more Covid safe than other countries. Their numbers are pretty low. Why? Well the first important thing for Covid is the social distancing. In the mountains, where you don't meet much people on your hikes, it's easy to keep distance from other humans...

At Crans, you get (like Saas Fee) a free pass for all the skilifts when you book a stay there. With this, you save money easily. Also, why we like to go to Crans is the views. You're on the right side of the mountains that you can see all the glaciers on the other side of the mountains. You also have 360 views over the entire Rhone- valley (which is pretty impressing).

With this free- pass ticket, you get other advantages as well. You can go ice skating, midget golfing, swimming, taking a boat on the lake etc, all for free included in the pass.

We mostly hiked there but you can also take your bike to explore the area.

Here are some shots from our hikes there.

This is the view you get on the snowy mountains on the other side of the valley. The ski lift is the highest gondola of Crans, it takes you to Plaine Morte (the glacier at 3000m high). So for this view, you don't even need to hike! Also, the mountains you're looking at, are the mountains of Saas Fee, where my last trip was!

The glacier of Crans, it's a flat, open wide glacier. On the other side of the glacier you can find Bern, an other province where they speak German.

A loooong hike we took to the waterfalls of Crans. This hike ends with this majestic, fierce waterfall. You can also take the hike from the other side, starting with the smaller waterfalls from the "bisse du Tsitorret" to this one.

Another terrifying hike, the "bisse du Roo".

After already a couple of wooden bridges over pretty high abysses... we got to this hanging bridge, which was even worse for me because I'm terrified of heights. So yeah, it's safe to say that this wasn't my fave hike... but if you don't have vertigo and like a bit of adrenaline, this hike might be fun for you!

And last but not least the hike to the "lac de Tseuzier". The iconic blue colored lake that's pretty instafamous right now. We hiked from the glacier of "plaine morte" all around to the mountains you see in the back of this photo, to end at the "barrage". A barrage is a big dam, to recieve electricity out of the waterforce of the lake. The hike was pretty long but worth it!

Also: all the hikes are noted on the website of Crans, with lots of more informations about it.

Now a bit more info about Crans town itself. It's a ski resort with lots of outdoors activities for the summer as well. Crans has stunning views everywhere and is actually pretty high end. At the city centre, you have some luxury stores such as a Louis Vuitton store. In the city, you also have a couple of lakes where you can drive a boat, can go swimming and enjoy the water with much more fun activities. The lake views are pretty nice as well.

Crans is also a city famous for it's golf and for the horse jumpings. There's a golf course all through the city with lovely views on the mountains as well. This is probably one of the golf courses with the best views in the world, in my opinion (not that I know anything about golfing though).

So this was what I think that's the most important info you need to know to travel to Crans Montana. I'm not sharing too much details, to make this post not too long. I just want to share with you guys my ideas!

Was this post helpful for you guys? Which hikes would you take there?

x Steph


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