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Describe yourself in 10 words by only using characteristics

Hi sweethearts!

Another talkative blogpost... So that you can know more about me, in a creative way.

I want to talk about my personality by only describing myself with my charasteristics. The good ones and the... not-so-good-ones. So keep on reading if you want to get to know me.

1) Passionate: All the things that I do in my life are my passion. I’m only motivated for doing things that I love. I can’t do anything that I don’t like for too long. I need to love it, so that I can do everything for it. For example my job: my job is my passion and I’d do anything for it.

I’m not a fan of books, since I have ADD and it takes me forever to read them. I only read books about things that interest me. If you want to know which kind of books I prefer: If it’s a novel: an autobiography because I don’t like to read stories. I want to know that these things have actually happened to someone. Most of my books are about the worldwar and holocaust, the war in the Middle East,… Or even just historical books with only facts in them. GEEK- I know and I love it!

2) Motivated: This goes along with my passion. I’m super passionate and do everything for my passions. I don’t do things only for 50 %. I go fully for it.

As you might have known yet, school hasn’t been the easiest for me since I was struggling with studying. I never gave up. When people tell me that I can’t do something, I’m even more motivated to prove them wrong. And I can tell you this, I prove them all wrong!

3) Heartbroken: This year has been terrible since my heart got broken really bad. BUT: I learned so much about myself and how I deal with things…and that this was not the right way. Feeling so low has motivated me to try harder to learn how to deal with it. I still feel this pain daily but this doesn’t have to mean that I’m unhappy. To be honest, I’m super happy. I never was able to be happy but now I finally am… All because of that, how controversary that might sound. Heartbreaks are horror, but we don’t have to suffer from them. Your happiness can’t depend on someone else. You shoud work on your own happiness, all by yourself.

4) Strong: I’m such a pusher and with the fact that I’m always super motivated, I can tell from myself that I am strong. I can handle a lot. Do I need to say more?

Okay, it stil feels weird to say this because I never felt that way. I always looked up to confident, strong girls because I did feel weak, not strong. But now I do feel stronger and I'm finally able to call myself strong too.

5) I have such weird humor but I like to laugh… Yes, my humor is super weird and most people who don’t know me, don’t understand my lame jokes. But to be honest, that’s something that I don’t really care about. Humor is really important to me.

6) Awkward and totally clumsy. Everything that I touch, falls apart or even breaks. Don’t give me your most expensive tableset from Swarovski because it might fall on the floor, whoops. But, my studens love my clumsiness and it helps to relativate hard situations. When my studens have a hard time, I try to remember them that I’m super clumsy and that I always laugh with this. Not to take yourself too seriously is important when life gets hard.

7) Patient. For like first dates or presents, this does NOT count haha! But I’m a super patient person. I think that for my job this is my most important characteristic. I’m a special teacher: I support teachers and schools with extra needs and specific kids with special needs like autism or behavioral problems. Next to this: I have one student from “inclusive education”. This student has a mental disability but goes to a regular school. I help him with finding his way through school.

I really believe in the power of inclusion. Why should people with all sorts of special needs be excluded from our society? They can learn so much from observation and we can learn so much from them as well!

8) I have a massive “wait and see” attitude. In the beginning I prefer to observe things first. I’m not the most social person who’s going to talk to everyone instantly. People don’t like me in the beginning for this reason and it made me pretty insecure in the past. The good thing about this is that I learned not to judge people too fast.

9) Loud, busy, hectic. Yup, when I do get comfortable around people, I’m a super loud girl. My voice is naturally super loud (okay for my job this is a good thing but still..) and I can get pretty extravert. I talk with a lot of gestures and I can’t sit still for too long. I like to keep myself busy because I get bored fast. When I get bored, I feel down and depressed. So I need to keep myself busy so that I’m not alone with my thoughts for too long. Meditation has helped me so much with that, by the way.

10) Not-so-girly. I do like to wear dresses and skirts but I also like the “all black everything”-trend. I like to wear sneakers and I never wear heels. Only for like really special occasions I’d wear them (2 times a year maybe?). I bought my first pair of actual heels just last august (and I’m 24 years old)! I like heavy music like rock and metal, also not so girly.

I almost never wear makeup (I’d only wear it when I wear those heels, these 2 times a year haha).

When I’m around girly-girls for too long, I get uncomfortable trying to fit in…

So, do you guys know me a bit better now? You can always talk to me on my social media: facebook and instagram, both Stylinglikesteph.

Thank you so for reading this blogpost.

Stay strong and happy forever!

X Steph


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