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Fave fashion month hairstyles

Hi sweethearts

Now that fashion month is officially over, I thought it would be fun to share with you guys my fave runway hairstyles. Some of them are super wearabel, others are just works of art (but not so much wearable).

For those of you who don't know what fashion month is (ahum??): well, during the month of september all the top designers have their runways shows all over the world, to show you guys the upcoming trends for the next spring/summer.

The cities where the shows are, are: New York, London, Milan and Paris.

I'm obsessed with fashion month because I just really like fashion. I'm always curious about the new designs and ofcourse when I spot a cool hairstyle on the runway, my braidar goes off and I want to figure the hairstyle out. Yes, the braidar- it's a real thing :).

First up: the most creative style ever: Thom Browne.

The styles were done by Eugene Souleiman, who worked with his team for over a month on styling these headpieces. The styles were inspired by Marie Antoinette, but created with modern fishtail braids. I'm curious how heavy these wigs will be!

I love how they used French heritage into modern designs. Hello Paris fashion week!

Next up: Naeem Khan, styled by Aveda goddess and Senior VP/ Global Creative Artistry, Antoinette Beenders. This updo was created with a big and bold fishtail.

She basically crimped the hair for a bigger look, then made a sleek fishtail and rolled it up. I love it! If you like to dress up for a fancy date, this style is a perfect creation to wear, I think!

(worn in New York)

For the thrird hairstyle, we're going to Milan. Moschino had the cute idea to style buns and paint them gold/silver/ pink,...

Julien d’Ys, created this style. He and Jeremy Scott were inspired by Pablo Picasso for the show. Can you tell?

Here, Kaia Gerber is shining in a design from Alexander Mc Queen. The style were braids, finished off with cute golden ribbons. Stylist: the wonderful Guido Palau. Apparently, he only used some Redken hairspray to finish this look off. Must be some strong hairspray, right?

Okay, this wasn't a runway style but I was obsessed with the look. Fashion blogger Chriselle Lim wore these vintage wet waves for the Ralph Lauren fashion show in New York.

The waves were finished off with shiny hairclips.

A perfect hairstyle for an extra fancy night out. Can someone take me to the opera, please?

Hairstylist: Maneaddict Cash lawless

Pins: Jennifer Behr

Dior: oh yes! They were inspired by nature and totally brought back the straw hats. Underneath the hats the models wore these fun lace dutch braids. How to create them? Simply make a dutch braid but only add in hair from the back.

Stylist: Guido Palau again!

And last but not least: my ultimate fave brand ever: CHANEL. They went for a super easy going haistyle. Straight hair and a super neat center part. A perfect hairstyle for everyday.

How to create a neat hairpart? Well, take your pointcomb, brush all your hair towards your face and draw a line with the pont of your comb. then secure the hairpart with two bobbypins, use some hairspray or pommade to make sure that your cowlicks are gone.

Et voila, these were my fave styles. What were yours?

X Steph


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