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Fixing dried thick nailpolish in a sec

Hi sweethearts,

Yesterday I was reorganising our nailpolish stock. Since we're with 3 sisters here, we have a pretty large stock of nailpolish. The only problem is: when you have a lot of nailpolish, you can't use them all at the same time. This means that you'll probably use some of them more then others. These leftover ones will get old.... When a nailpolish is old, it can dry out. The substance gets heavier, thicker and isn't easy tu use anymore. Most people will just throw it away.

BUT: There's a solution. You can fix this problem in a few seconds!

The trick is easy: mix your nailpolish with a drop of dissolvant/ nailpolishremover!

1: Just do a little drop of nailpolishremover in your nailpolish.

2: Shake it up a bit to mix the liquids.

3: Put the nailpolish upsidedown, so that the liquids can mix with each other.

4: DONE!

I'd say, let the substances mix for a couple of seconds while standing upsidedown. While waiting, you can do this with the rest of your colors as well, to spare time. In a couple of seconds, you can fix all your pretty colors!

Nothing more to do. When everything is mixed, you'll notice that the nailpolish is liquid again and thinner. It's SO easy!

I have no idea where I've read this tip but I must say, I use this trick all the time. I can't stand throwing things away, you know.

So, was this a helpfull tip? Would you like to see more of my secrets?

Thanks for reading this blog! Have a fun sunday!

X Steph


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