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Getting creative with hairdonuts

Hi sweethearts!

Today a fun blogpost about hairdonuts. I LOVE real donuts but I think I love hairdonuts even more! I really like my hair in a bun... So for this theme I tried to get a bit creative with hairstyles that you can do with a hairdonut. Most of them are braids with a bun. No worries if you don't have a donut at home, you can try the styles with a regular bun as well but I think it looks cooler and more "perfect" with a bunmaker.

My first style is a 4 strandbraid that I made with a cute purple ribbon and ofcourse a donutbun.


This hairstyle is a donutbun with 2 frenchbraids. I added some pearls around the bun, for a more chique look.


This style is a "lacebraid" around a bun. Inside the bun I added a bow that I made from a ribbon. I basically pinned the bow into the bunmaker with a bobbypin.


Here I made a couple of regular braids into a donutbun and added some pretty hairpins inside the bunmaker. This is a hairstyle that literally anyone can make so go ahead and try it yourself!


This hairstyle is the #CGHBunOFBraids it's a technique from Cutegirlshairstyles where you braid around a hairbun! Also not that hard to do, but pretty time consuming. For no reason, my model Sofie wanted the cute "sockmonkey" in the pic!


My ultimate fave bun and MOST popular style on instagram. I guess people liked the creative twist I gave on a regular upsidedownbraid? Anyways, how I came up with the style was just me, trying to create a braid that for some reason didn't work out and started to become a more diagonal braid... and I liked the effect of it. I redid the braid and decided to go for the diagonal look!


This is a lacebraid around a bun. Cutegirlshairstyles has also a tutorial for it on their channel. I wanted to give it a more dramatic effect and pancaked it a bit to make the bun bigger than it already was.


And this is my last bun, bun number 8 omg! I just made a regular upsidedownbraid. Sofie, my model really loved it! This is a style that both her and me would actually wear, because most of my hairstyle are a bit too creative to actually wear on regular basis. Or are we just a bit afraid of standing out too much? So to be honest, I don't really wear all my hairstyles!

Thanks of looking at my donutbuns. Which was your fave hairstyle?

x Steph


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