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Going to our nephew's wedding!

Hi sweethearts!

On june the 10th my nephew got married and we were invited for the party. Ofcourse I styled my family! These moments are what makes it all worth it. Sometimes, I feel like I'm doing this all for nothing because it costs a lot of my time and money (especially time).

But: observing my models with confident is just so satisfying. Confidence is everything. We don't really need fancy hair and makeup to have confidence but dressing up is just so much fun, right? To feel special for one day.

This is me haha, fancy as always! My sister did my makeup and I did my hair. I wanted to have curls for one day because my hair is super straight. Curls with heat never work out on my hair so I tried a heatless method. I made buns with hairrolls from Hema and clipped them up. After this, I let my hair airdy for the rest of the day. Before taking the rolls out, I warmed them up with my blowdryer so that the curls would last a bit longer. When I took it all out, I had super massive curls, oh yeah! AND: they lasted all night, for the first time ever. Guess I've finally found a method to curl my hair.

This was my hairstyle (with a more flattering photo)!


My sister Sofie wanted an updo. These were her curls before I pinned it all up. I made the curls with my flatiron to make them last longer. Plus, it's also a faster method to work with.

Carolien, my other sister was doing her makeup.

Sofie's updo. I pinned the curls up and left some of them out of the updo for a more undone look.


Carolien got a braided half-updo. I used 2 lacebraids (frenchbraids where you only add in hair from one side) and made them above each other. I did the same on the other side. Then I added the rest of the hair in front of her face into a ponytail, for a more fairy look.


My mom got a half updo with some twists and her natural curls. It's a super fancy hairstyle, that only takes about 5 to 10 minutes to create.


Here's the bride and groom. Pic taken with my iPod so not the best quality...

And this pic pretty much summed up my family: My other nephew (brother of the groom) is singing and playing the guitar and my other nephew is the wedding protographer!

Make sure to check out his website:

So, this was my latest hair-experience. Hope you guys enjoyed it.

Have a great sunday,

lots of love

x Steph


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