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Greenway food-event

Hi guys,

as you might have seen on my instagram and instastories: yesterday I went to a workshop at Greenway Antwerp. Greenway is a lunchbar/restaurant in Antwerp, all about vegan and veggie goodies! There are multiple restaurants in the Flemish area actually: Ghent, Leuven, Antwerp and Brussels-South (trainstation).

"Greenway delights you with tasty vegetarian experiences. We’ll make you wonder about how delicious vegetarian food can be. We’ll let you discover the pure pleasure of a veggie lifestyle. And we’ll keep amazing you. In doing so, we will stay true to our ethical beliefs and personal approach. Because choosing Greenway just feels better." - A direct quote from their website.

It's all about my vegan/veggie life here!

The event itself was organised by the PR-agency Diamonds and pearls. It was a bloggers-event all about vegan and vegetarian eating. You didn't need to be veggie, to be welcome here. It's actually even a good thing to visit Greenway when you're not veggie, so that you can get inspired by this lifestyle.

I myself am recently vegan. I was vegetarian for about 8 years I think, but I decided to go more vegan since I believe deeply in the love for animals and the love for our planet. Going veggie or vegan really can help our planet! Also, I'm not wanting to convice you guys to go veggie or vegan, I'm just sharing my experience with you guys. I don't want to tell you how to live your own life :)

Paul Florizoone launched the first Greenway restaurant concept in Ghent in 1996. He himself was a flexitarian during that time and wanted to introduce this way of living to the Belgian world. I asked him if he still eats meat sometimes. He said: "I still do eat meat, but only when there wouldn't be anything else to eat. I would say that I'm flexible, but that I eat 99% vegetarian and also vegan somedays. It just depends on how I want my food to taste."

What's also important: Greenway is a concept, a vision, it's not only a lunchbar or restaurant. Paul also sells his food. You can get more info about that on their website and in which stores you can get it.

Trying the food!

We were able to try a lot of yummie food, great for the holidays. I even got some recipes. I'm not going to make this a food-blogging-page since I'm a horrible cook, but if you want more information, then just ask me!

This was all the food I tried! Like: a celeriac- parmigiani/ pastry with mushrooms and pumpkin (my fave!!)/ vegan chicken with mushrooms/ a delish cranberry sauce/.... And for dessert these two awesome cakes: a vegan layered chocolate cake and a raw vegan cheesecake. YUUUUM!

What I also want to say about the night is why I love doing these events. I'm mostly an introvert. For me, this means that I don't like to meet new people. It makes me nervous, anxious even. Events like these, really push me to learn how to meet new people and how to get comfortable with myself. I'm not saying that I have social anxiety or whatsoever.. I'm just not a person who can talk easily and with a lot of confidence to anyone. it's a bit the same with dating, and that's exactly why I don't date haha!

Yesterday, it was another night to try to learn this and it had succes. I met some super fun ladies and had a wonderful night. I also went to the event all by myself. This is also new to me. Normally I'd bring a plus one, just so that I have someone with me so that I'm not alone when I'm meeting new people. Another lesson learned: just GO to events and grow! One day, you will be a more outgoing person!

Also: here's the website of Greenway with some more info about everything:


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