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Hair trends in 2021

Hi guys, 2021 is truly started and we have some big trends for this year. The basic rule for 2021 is that we're all tired of the lockdowns so we're daring more with our hair. We want to express ourselves and to try out more.

1. The first big trend coming up is to go for extra accessories. The bigger the better!

We're trying out combining a lot of pearl clips, we're wearing big and bold headbands and we are in for big bows.

I loved wearing this braid with all of the berettes. My sister said that I looked straight from an ad for these clips but hey, I don't mind if I do!

We're also in for bold headbands. The trend started with the big Prada black headbands and then Dolce with their headbands full of gems!

These headbands are actually perfect for any lockdown situation. When you're online 24/7 but people can only see you on webcam, it's important to focus on what you can actually see on the webcam. You can only see people's head so going for a statement headpiece will mak you look chic without much effort. Another great advantage of a headband, it can easily cover up dirty roots! Yay!

Last but not least, the revival of the big bow.

Since I was about 15 years old, I loved the bow- hairtrend. I went to a school where we had to wear uniforms and hairstyles to me were a way of expressing myself.

All my friends from high school know me as Steph with the bows. Now that the bows are back and even bigger than ever, ofcourse I had to have one. This one was a present fro my sister with christmas. SHe really gets my style! The hairclips were gifted from her as well!

You can fancy up an easy ponytail of half updo with just a bow. It can even make you look like a parisian girl. Hello Emily in Paris!

2. Messy statement but chic updo's. And yes, the 60s bouffant is back!

This dress, this hairstyle and this headband probably makes the perfect look for me. A look can't be more "me". I love all things vintage, I love the sixties and I love updo's!

You won't see me much with my hair down.

This hairstyle is perfect for those of you who are bad at doing their own hair. Just tease your hair a looot, make a messy bun and curl some hairpieces. If you mess up the bun, no problem IT IS the look!

3. The revival of the curtain bangs.

Brigitte Bardot, a 60s icon, brought the curtain bangs to a whole new level back in the days. Her bold waves, big bangs and soft mermaid look look so effortless and cute.

My sister loved the curtain bangs trend so much, she even let me cut her hair this way!

Picture source: pinterest.

Here's the style I created on my sisters hair, to those of you who are curious!

4. Thanks to the Netflix show Queens Gambit, we might even seem to be more obsessed with

the sixties... Short hair like a blunt bob or even a shorter style like a pixie cut are totally hot right now.

In the show, Beth showed off two major hairstyles. The shortest cut I didn't like too much. There's just something off about wearing a super short fringe. I really don't like it personally.

I did love this hairstyle though. It's short but the waves make it look super cute. I really love vintage waves personally.

The problem though with such hairstyle is that they are super haird to maintain. The cut needs to be super neat and needs to stay that way. With all our lockdown situations here in Belgiums, this style is probably not the smartest idea.

Did you know that all kinds of beauty salons are closed here since the end of october?

5. The next big trend is to try out new crazy haircolors. Maybe due to al lthese lockdowns we dare to try out more haircolors? Since march 2020 I already temporarily colored my hair 3 times. I started with a rosegold look. A mix between pink and blonde. In the summer I tried some mermaid blue hairends out. In the past Christmas break, I tried a mix of blue and green out so it's safe to say that I was a follower of this trend as well.

The colors I tried were all temporary. Normally it lasts for about 10 washes.. Since I only wash my hair once a week, such colors last very long haha!

Also, since a temporary color is often just a hairconditioner with extra color pigments in it, it won't be as damaging as regular hairdyes. A win!

The shot is my hair currently, when I traveled to the snow!

6. The last trend is the mermaid hairtrend. Super long hair is totally back. I blame Kylie Jenner for that! You can create such looks with extensions or even with a wig. Wigs are totally normal in 2021!

The trend is also to wear your natural locks down and let your hair go their natural way. Soft beachy waves are really a trend for the summer. You can even spice it up with some 90s inspired face framing braids. You just comb your hair with a wide tooth comb, then use some seasaltspray and braid the front sections of your hair.

I own a couple of wigs that I got online. Since my budget is really small, all my wigs are maximum 20 euros. Knowing that Kylies wigs are at least 300 euros, I think that my wigs are pretty decent for this price. Also, some of her wigs are literally over 1000 euros.. Isn't that crazy?!

Et voila, now you know what to do with your hair for the next season!

X Steph


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