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2019 hairstyle trends

Hi guys,

I'v been doing some research lately about the hottest hairstyle trends for the year of 2019. Some of the newest hairtrends are really a big surprise to me. Are you excited to find out what the hottest hairstyles will be of the next year? Then make sure to read this post!


1: Center parts.

I'm starting with center parts, and yes even with bangs! This all started with that '60s grunge inspo. On runways, they even combined it with neon haircolors. If you're a daredevil, then totally go for it, because it's totally hot right now!

You can wear your hair in a middlepart like this pic, with just simple waves or you can straighten your hair.

You can also wear your hair in a middlepart with a sleek low ponytail. This style is great for when you don't have super long hair. It's chic and easy!

How to style a middlepart? I'd recommend to make a middlepart with a point comb. If you don't have this comb, then use a regular one or something pointy like a bobbypin.

After parting your hair super neat in the center, you can use a bit of spraywax to make your hair stay in the middlepart. If you don't want to use this product, then a bit of dryshampoo on the roots can work for you too!

Inspo: Bottega Veneta


2: Big, wavy ponytails.

I think that The lady who started this trend could be Blake Lively.

She always wears her hair in big ponytails as a signature style on runways.

I've been bingewatching Gossip Girl on Netflix lately and I'm obsessed with her hair. I guess that I'm not the only one because her hairstyles have been pinned a million times on pinterest. I guess that everyone wants to rock this hairstyle so that it became an international trend on instagram as well.

Especially for the upcoming spring, a ponytail is so much fun. Your hair is together, so it's not that sweaty, but you still look boho chic because of the statement of the big ponytail.

Inspo: Pinterest

How to style the big ponytail? First, you tease the roots of your hair, use dryshampoo or hairspray for extra volume. After teasing, you make the ponytail with an elasticband. If you want a pouf like in this pic too, then simply pull the ponytail a bit apart at the roots of your hair. This will add volume and will give a more undone look.

To get volume in the ponytail itself, you can add curls or waves with a curling iron. If you want the curls to be more like beachy waves: thne first use seasalt spray or hairspray for volumen and then comb the curls out. After that, you can alays get some volume back by backcombing the curls. By the way, this is also my secret for longer lasting curls!


3: The massive Chanel hair.

As said before, the big undone look is totally hot right now. Chanel knew this and used the big hair trend as an inspo for their past couture runway show in Paris this week.

Inspo: Chanel

Look at this hair, do I need to say more?

How to creat this extra look? Easy, you just backcomb literally ALL the hair you have, pull it up a bit and then place it into a big pouf. You'll need tons of hairspray for this style, ofcourse!

The great advantage of this hairstyle, if you make the pouf less big, you can wear it yourself on a no-hairwashing-because-lazyness-day! You'll probably need some extra oil or hairmask to take out all the hairspray afterwards...


4: Side swept bangs.

Omg are they coming back???

PLEASE no! but I saw it on the runways of Fendi so yes it's happening: elegant, soft, sideswept bangs. Oh no! Especially with the #10yearchallenge, I see bangs everywhere. Ten years ago, the bangs were totally cool and everyone had them. But can we please be honest, it is so not the most flattering hairstyle. It looks like you're hiding your face for something. It's like wearing a mask (as how I wore my bangs...).

Inspo: Pinterest

How to style the side swept bangs? If you go for a shorter hairstyle, then the bangs can be a great option, the challenge is to style bangs with long hair too.

I'd wear my hair in a bun, like the mannequin here. You can cut your hair or fake bangs like in the pic!


5: Embracing babyhairs.

In 2019, thanks to Fendi, we'll embrace babyhairs. Fendi's past runways show was dominated by cute high buns with a lot of babyhairs left out.

I think that this is a super adorable hairstyle. It's cute and easy to create. A winner to me.

Inspo: Fendi

How to style the babyhairs? First, you make a loose ponytail. Then you comb the babyhairs out of your ponytail. You brush over the countours of your face, with combing in the wrong directing. This is how you'll get hte babyhairs out of your ponytail. Then you clip this hair apart. Now you make your ponytail again and you create the top knot.

If you have the bun ready, then take the hairclips out and use some spray to style the babyhairs. You can also make these hairs a bit wet, to get a more curly effect. If you don't have curls yourself, then just fake then with your curling and!


6: The creative chignons.

The creative chignons are an upcoming trend, as seen on Armani's runway. You can call them creative, or ugly, weird, inspirational,...

This is a great option for when you're looking for a creative hairstyle that's easy to recreate.

HOW? You basically start wrapping your hair up in a bun and you make sure that you're not wrapping your hair in a circle. By this, your hair will get into a knot. You can even make a figure 8 bun! It's the trend to get creative with hair right now so mke sure to try everything out!

Inspo: Giorgio Armani


7: The wet look.

A signature '90s trend, as seen on instagram! I always wanted to try this on my own hair but I was never confident enough to pull this style off. On the beautydays in antwerp in december, I tried this hairstyle and actually got a lot of compliments about it! Score!

The wet look was a massive trend in the '90s. I rememberd that I wore my hair to school when I was 7. I still had super short hair back then. The boys of my class were jealous of the fact that I, as a girl, was wearing gel in my hair. I guess that my fascination for hair has always been there. Even when I was 7 years old and had super short hair, trying to look cool.

The trend probably went viral by the Kardashians, who stole the look from Gigi Hadid!

How to create a perfect wet look? Well, that's actually a hard one. It kinda depends on each hairtype. I did it on my own hair like this: I started by creating extra volume by teasing all my roots. The top layer of my hair, I left undone (for the sleeker, not knotty effect). Then I used a ton of spraywax. After the spray, I softened my hair a bit out with combing the top layers of the pouf. I only combed out the first couple of hairs around my face. The rest was untouched. Then, to finish it off: I used some dryshampoo for the less "Ross' hairgel addiction hair"- style. Et voila! And if you are still not happy now, then just use a ton of hairspray!


8. Roses in your hair.

This is probably my most fave hairtrend! I saw it at Rodarte and Dolce and recreated a style myself. You can see this on my collab with Sofie here!

The style is super feminine and elegant. think that it could be great for a wedding, communion or just a party where you want to steal the show. The fun thing about this style is that you can do a regular, simple braid with this style. You don't need a lot of braidingskills to make it look good. You'll just need a lot of flowers and roses to get the effect.

And this was my last style idea! Would you guys try any of the styles out yourself? And which one would you never dare to try?

Have a great week!

X Steph


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