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Half up hairstyles for straight hair

Hi sweethearts!

Another theme already posted on my facebook and social media. The theme is about half-up hairstyles! With this post, I'll give you more information about the styles.

All the styles were done with my own hair, no extensions needed. I wanted to show you how to do hairstyles on long, thin and straight hair.

To make the hairstyles more intricate, I used some jewelry. You don't need to buy fancy hairjewelry you know, just use your necklaces!

The hairstyles

The first style: just a crownbraid from right to left.

The second one: No idea how I came up with this haha! I just made some twists (made ponytails and pulled my hair through the ponytails) and then I pulled apart the twists at random parts. I made 3 twists and combined big ones with smaller ones.

Style number three was a "mermaid braid". With this technique you frenchbraid your hair but you only add in hair from the front of your face. This creates the look that you braid is laying over your hair.

The fourth braid: a zigzag lacebraid. With lacebraids, you only add in hair from one side.

My fifth style were 3 dutchbraids from the back of my head, braided all the way to the front... and then I braided these three braids. This was also my most-liked photo on my instagram, from all the styles that I did.

I re-used two of the braids and crossed them over my head.

Here I twisted my hair and pinned the twists in place. simple, yet pretty!

So, this was my hairstyle-theme. Did you guys like it? Thanks, have a great week!

X Steph


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