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Hi guys!

On april the 30st, I went with my parents to the Hallerbos, near Brussels. It' s a forest but not like any other ones. The entire forest is at the end of april/ beginning of may totally colored in blue from the hyacints. It's stunning!

Of course I took a loooot of pictures there!

I wore two small braids into a ponytail and went for a colored top, to match all the flowers.

Top: Hollister,

Jeans: Volcom,

Ribbon: Swarovski haha!


Here's some of my photography work. I hope that you'll like it! I took all the pics myself with my Nikon D5100. Lens: Nikkor 18-55 mm.

Here's some more info about the Hallerbos:

Thank you SO much for reading this post and if you're ever visiting Brussels around this time of the year, you must visit the Hallerbos as well!

Greetings, Steph x


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