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Hoeked Doughnuts and ElleXNewLook

Hi guys,

I'm back with a new post. Yesterday (on wednesday) I was invited to visit a new donut- shop in Antwerp. Thank you Lisa from Diamonds and pearls Communications for inviting me and thank you Joris and Caroline (the owners) for having me!

The shop is located in the heart of Antwerp. I really loved the iterior. It's a bit vintage inspired and it reminded me at our own kitchen at home. They used pretty vintage tiles and choose for a pretty soft turquoise color on the walls, just like in our own kitchen at home.

The real eye catcher of the shop is their led-light logo. On most of the bloggers' pictures, you might spot these lights!

The owers are super friendly people, who like to actually know their customers. I was there with my sister and we ate about 3 donuts each, whoops! But they were sooo yummy, so these calories do NOT count, right? Caroline was so generous! We also got some doughnuts to take home, for our other sister and our parents. My sister Sofie loved the Matcha Ganache one. She likes the "healthier" stuff!

My fave one was the one with the caramel topping. I loved the crunchy touch!

Their menu: ‘Vanilla Glaze’, ‘Chocolate’ , ‘Blueberry’ , 'Boule de Berlin', 'Crème Brûlée', ‘Cinnamon Sugar’, ‘Salted Caramel’, ‘Speculoos’ and ‘Matcha Ganache’.

So thank you to the owners again, for the super pretty and yummy donuts and I'll see you when I'll get my next donuts! I can't wait!


After (over-)eating donuts, we went to an event organised by Elle Belgium. They did a collab with the New Look store in Antwerp, inspired by festivals. You could shop with their stylist. I met the girl and she was really friendly and helpfull. Her fave item was a bathingsuit, to combine with a pair of jeans. I'm really loving this bathing suit trend right now! I just got my own one and I can't wait to wear it in the summer... when the weather is a bit better! For girls with a slim figure like me, these items are perfect. No one will know that you don't have boobs haha, plus it accentuates your figure perfectly!

You could also make your own flowercrown. Jenny Fleur, organised this. Here I'm making my own crown. To be honest, I'm totally not a creative type of person. Each handcrafted item I ever made was pretty much a fail. But the crown worked out pretty well.

Look at these flowers, I mean... Prettyyyy!

And here's my result! I'm so going to wear this one a lot, even though it's pretty huge on my head. Maybe I should just start to love to stand out a bit more. As you guys might know yet, I'm pretty much an introvert and I don't like to stand out because it makes me feel "special" and insecure... But I'm working on it (as you might have read in my previous, super personal blogpost).

Thanks for the love, Elle Belgie!


Coming home with this! YAY!

My goodiebag from the event:

- A soft bodyscrub from New Look

- A small purse for my bikinis, and for Carolien: for her makeup!

- An Elle magazine and the Elle bag! YES! So cool!

So thank you everyone for this fun day!

More info about the doughnuts:

Or check out their social media at Hoeked Doughnuts!

Thanks for reading this post! Hopefully, one day, you all would be able to come to Antwerp to taste the doughnuts!!

Greetings, Steph



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